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March 30, 2016, 08:55 AM
Just an update.

Through my Craigslist ads, I've found a Chattel Partner. A younger man with a van who wanted to take my chatteling course, but after talking to him, we came to a mutual understanding. Very exciting to have a "Man with a Van", with a lift on back, which gives us (ok, HIM) the ability to move bigger objects, and we're going this weekend to several restaurants which are going or have gone out of business.

What is it with restaurants? Oh, well, their loss will be our gain. Once I showed him how to look for dollars and not things, his wheels turned. He comes from the trades, having been an all around handyman for a builder. He showed me a few faucets he had worth several hundred dollars each.

AND, as exciting as this new venture is (mainly because I let him do all the "work" while splitting profits)...I've had some great response to my 30 week copywriting course too.

In fact, one SowPubber has a great idea, which is exciting, but more importantly, he gave me the idea of having HIM create the course he wants to learn....WHAT?

Yea, why not?

People come to learning with different backgrounds, experiences and methods of learning.

Why not ask them what exactly they want to learn, what would be their ideal curriculum, and then, IF possible, give them what they want?

That is exciting too. AND...as if my excitement level couldn't get any higher...April will be when (or IF) I test my "Walmart" EDDM project, where low price is the first thing I'll mention to a business wanting more customers.

I've been experimenting for a couple of years now with postcards and EDDM, with hosts, coupons, trade shows...all of which boils down to selling ads...and IF this low price idea works, then I'll crank it up. I want to close off a co-op postcard with up to 10 ads on it, in two days, max. SPEED is the goal, and low prices are the hope, the big promise.

No one is walking into businesses offering a branding/direct response co-op advertising opportunity for less than 100 bux, which is a no brainer for what they get. Keep you posted on this after April.

So many exciting projects, and these don't even include the good ones, like my "Jack Kerouac" beat poets revival project.

It is Spring here, time to be reborn, come alive and get busy with projects which excite you and keep you motivated, and probably...spread yourself to thin, too. HA!

Gordon Jay

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