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May 4, 2016, 09:10 AM
Joe called the single piece of paper he received every Thursday a HOTSHEET.

It was one piece of paper, often one sided, with new price listings of boats/yachts for sale in S. Calif. Joe being a boat enthusiast and had a group of people who shared his passion...

was always on the lookout for a good deal.

He paid 20 bucks a week for this single piece of paper.

Only 200 a week were sent out. The same information would appear in the Saturday papers.

the people who paid the 20 bucks had a day and a half "head start" or a head's up...on PRICE REDUCTIONS of boats they might be interested in.

The guy publishing the paper was taking in $ 4,000.00 a week for sending out a piece of paper, an envelope, a stamp. In the mid 70's, I'd say this guy was doing pretty, pretty....pretty good. 200 customers at 20 bux a pop.

Joe also rec'd HOTSHEETS (HIS WORD) on closeouts, surplus and overstocks.

Back in the day before FAX machines, only the phone and mail to use as tools.

I'm frequently asked the difference between a HOTSHEET and a cheatsheet.

HOTSHEETS have an expiration date, many cheat sheets don't need updating for years.

Pete Egler's TN Hunting and Fishing HOTSHEET had a monthly expiration date, because of the moon cycles. My Lottery HOTSHEETS had an expiration on them.

It is what makes them HOT.

I've taken note there are several new variations on the HOTSHEET, and I'm studying them to see if there is new information on creating them.

IF so, I may report here. The best use of a HOTSHEET for IM is to use it as a front end, or loss leader or capture device to get someone on your list.

Joe Karbo was one of the more interesting people I've had the chance to learn from. The old masters are fewer by the day.

But, you can still learn a trick or two from these Old Salts of Marketing.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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