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September 4, 2016, 10:31 AM
We know many people who hate their jobs, we know this because every year, millions start their own business or biz-op.

But why do they hate it?

My research, very unscientific, sez....

Many who hate their jobs, really hate their bosses/supervisors.

And I have a surprising conclusion...their bosses are NOT the A-holes we think they are (sure there are plenty of them, but...)

I bet it comes down to personality styles and COMMUNICATION styles.

You could spend a lifetime of study, but...here is a big shortcut.

It is a simple picture (oh Gordie does loves his pictogrigms)...

The one attached is a simplified Jung personality chart, and knowing what it shows, one can become a master communicator at breakneck speed.

My questions are:

Do you consider types when communicating to a business person?
Are you aware of the barriers of communication between different types?

Are you APPLYING your knowledge of human behavior for the mutual benefit of all you deal with?

All four types can be found as business leaders, and if you are having difficulty with a boss, or supervisor, have you considered changing your style?


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