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October 5, 2016, 08:21 PM
WOW, lots of interest. Let me start by telling you some of the classes I'll be taking in the coming months. NOT teaching, taking. I'll get to some of the odd ball things I'll be testing too; Like MENTAL FASCINATION, the instant hypnosis technique.

But, first.

Rollerball Class. 20 dollars for 90 min. class. A rollerball is a device for rubbing on essential oils, sort of like a liquid deodorant. The class is one of several offered on ESSENTIAL OILS. I may take all three offered.

Black Romance Necklace. 48 bux plus supplies. 2 hours.

Maybe a couple of other Christmas pieces of jewelry too, around the same price.

Scrapbook Class, 56 bux, 2 hours. (She always sells out).

There is a cake decorating class for 85, but I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but this is usually full. Oddly, at San Diego USN Class A cooking school I helped the baker decorate the weekly cakes for the boot camp grads. My job was slopping on the icing, and baking the cakes, he finished them off But this person also offers classes in cupcakes and cookies for the holidays. Imagine 10 people giving you 85 bux for a 90 min session? Not bad, eh?

Ballroom dance class at 10 bux a pop, I may need 2 to 300 lessons before I put my sparklies on.

Check your local craigslist, in both lessons and classes You'll see all kinds of things, 20 bux for half hour guitar lesson, not uncommon

Also, if you have a Community Center, check on their calendar or teach there. Here's mine 5 mins away:


Now, who wants to take my half day class in MENTAL FASCINATION, which I've written about here for many years. Some of you know, because I just got an email inquiry, that I studied Metaphysics with Russel Thomas in San Francisco for a couple of years, I'm probably most familiar with the works of William Walker Atkinson, Thomas Troward, Elizabeth Towne and the works of the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce as well as a lifelong student of Ernest Holmes.

I will also test offers on Finding Your True Love via Your Magnetic Personality and maybe an applied course on Influence with Robert Cialdini's new work as the textbook. It is called Pre-Suasion and is his best work yet.

But, whatever you can come up with is easy enough to test, just run some ads on craigslist and engage in discussion.

I believe every person reading this, could offer a class on IM, for say 49 bux for three hours on a Sat. morning and have 8 to 10 students easily, although I suggest only 4 to 6 in a class.

Any questions?

Gordon Jay Alexander, the Mystic of the Crooked River.

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