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ron lafuddy
December 26, 2016, 10:31 PM
Here is the excerpt from 52 Scattered Cards of Ideas.
TWO, Dogs, cats and pets. Besides entertaining yourself with a laser and a kitten, you could cash in on your love pets 1001 different ways but I'm only trying to stimulate your own idea generator, OK?

My neighbor did pet grooming in her basement, then moved into a small shop and then even a larger one, her business is still booming. For this one, here is a list of things you could do if pets are your thing.

Pet pics, fantasy, fun, memorable, frames

Special pet clothes
Bake your own dog bones
Pooper scooper (even has a franchise)
Rent a pet
Training dogs and other pets
Petting zoo for kids birthday parties
Custom toys
Halloween costumes
Day care As noted, all kinds of way to make a buck with pets. Exotic pets are always popular for schools and all elementary schools (most) have a budget to bring in a “learning experience” expert, and for a decent hourly fee at that.

The report is an idea stimulator. If you like animals, here are some resources. I've written many times about my neighbor Sue, who started in her basement with her pet grooming business and has had to move twice to bigger locations. Here is a site where you could buy an existing pet business:


And to get you started with how big the pet industry, read these articles:




How about this, over 3,000 pet bandanas sold on ebay:


One lady is selling her business, and with "takeover" possibilities*

And one of several mags on the Pet Business industry:

When I was selling supplements, we had a line of pet products and a couple of our SowPub members have or had pet businesses.

If you love animals, why not make some money from your love in 2017.


PS. So many pet ideas, we barely scratched the surface.

* Way, way back in one of the reports I talked about how Tiny the Tow Truck driver got into business via a "takeover" contract. Over the years, I've helped some of you to take over a business with no money out of pocket. Most often, they want something, and like the lady selling her pet business, she is retiring, but a big wad of a cash might not be her best choice, with taxes and all, which is one big reason why businesses get sold in a take over manner.

In most instances, it operates along the lines of a land contract, in that there is usually a default penalty clause for not making payments up to and often including a reversion of ownership.

Sort of like buying a car with dealer financing. If anyone wants to know more about the "Takeover" strategy, let me know.

Really good info, Gordon. I came across something recently, that may be of use here. Pets, just like people, are prone to slide, slip and get injured while moving about on ice and snow. When they do, they sometimes need special care/therapy, on their way to recovery.

Think visiting nurses for pets.

The vet I talked to, specializes in pet injuries brought about from auto accidents. These are injuries sustained while the pet is riding in the vehicle, not crossing in front of it. It's more common than you think.

If I were looking to build a home pet care business, one that included visits to care for injured or ill pets, a veterinarian might be an excellent referral source, for these types of opportunities.


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