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May 16, 2017, 11:03 AM
It feels a little like the time right before we left Guam to go on patrol, which lasted at least 60 days.

Facing two months submerged under water put butterflies into all the crew. I've been working very hard the last 2 months on creative projects, and don't have much interest in the Internet, or business or marketing.

Very soon, I'll be on "patrol" again, with a busy schedule. Before I leave the dock, this sage harbor, here is food for thought...this from a chattler, who NOW specializes in restaurant equipment.

What would you do if you knew you had 100 bux a week coming to you for the next 6 months? IF that were "guaranteed" or mostly so.

My chatteler apprentice has been at for over a year now, he stumbled before Christmas because his wife made him spend some of his profits (against my very sound advice not to, but, hey I was married once too)...

In reality he told me he had 3k to start with, I made him bank it, and to use only 100 bux a week to build his chattel business. He listened (because he had lost 3x that much flitting around and fiddle farting his way through IM).

So, I caught him at the right time.

His goal was to make 10% a week. On Monday he started with 100 bux, and by Sun evening, he had to show 110 dollars, a 10% profit after expenses.

Then, Monday morning he withdrew 100 bux from his chattel account and added it, so that Monday he had 210 to use, so his profit goal was 21 bux, 10%. See?

For the first few months, he was getting antsy, but our agreement was he couldn't touch 2600 of the 3k he put back. He could use his own money for other deals, but none of 'OUR' money.

He did great up to about 4,000 then ran into a wall, mainly because he lacked knowledge of higher priced products, at which time he flipped a couple of autos, and, of course, he thought he should make more than 400 from the flip, but he didn't want to piss me off, so he continued.

This is when he found a few really good restaurant deals. And he got a quick education by immersing himself in the used restaurant equipment business, which has become his current specialty.

If you want to spend 5 mins with your calculator, go ahead and add 10% to 100 dollars every week. Here is what happens.

At week 26, you'll be at 7500 buck level and 10% will give you 750 profit. NOW you can start spending it. You will be making more than the average American takes home, and if you have spent the 6 months to build your networks, as my chattel apprentice did, you will be able to make very quick transactions.

This was just from my way, he doubled that by making deals with his own money.

Now here comes dinner:

I know many people who (con't in part 2)

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