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June 5, 2017, 10:55 AM
I bought and read the report... Great report!

I liked the analogy of a salesperson and a customer, with a tour bus guide and a tourist...!

While this is promoted to help sell cars, this sales process I think would help in virtually any kind of sale... Anyone who does sales (especially face to face sales) would benefit by getting themselves a copy... :)

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien, he did OK for first effort. Now he'll improve.

Very quickly, I'm working on NEW report. Here is a link to a ROUGH DRAFT, complete with spelling and grammar errors. But, if you leave feedback, I'll be happy to send a FREE final copy, all spit shined and polished and one that will be offered for 5 bux or so.


You can leave comments here, email me (gjabiz@yahoo.com) or PM (least favorite way). Nothing new philosophically, but aimed at a NEW (old) part of the parade.



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