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Dien Rice
June 6, 2017, 12:00 PM
Very quickly, I'm working on NEW report. Here is a link to a ROUGH DRAFT, complete with spelling and grammar errors. But, if you leave feedback, I'll be happy to send a FREE final copy, all spit shined and polished and one that will be offered for 5 bux or so.


You can leave comments here, email me (gjabiz@yahoo.com) or PM (least favorite way). Nothing new philosophically, but aimed at a NEW (old) part of the parade.


Hi Gordon,

Great report!

On goals and projects... Recently, I've managed to be able to visualize a "top down" look at all my goals and projects... So I can kind of "see" them laid out, from above...

One thing it made me realize is... I have way too many simultaneous goals and projects!

However, being able to "visualize" them this way has helped me to figure out what to work on, because I can kind of "see" them at the same time...

Then I can figure out... I need to work on THAT project first. Then, from there, I can figure out what I need to do now to get that specific project moving forward...

Other projects will get shoved into the background (from lack of time).

It is true though, some people don't know what their goals are. Others (like me) have far too many goals!

Whichever it is, you need to narrow it down to a small number of projects you work on... Working on too many projects at the same time means few things, if any, will be completed!

I suspect some people can't answer "What Do You Want?" ... because there are just too many things they want, and they really need to whittle them down and focus on fewer goals (for now)...!

Best wishes,


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