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June 7, 2017, 10:54 AM
THANK You very much, Dien, I appreciate your praise! I hope you got way more than $4 of value out of it. If you haven't used the skills in the report before, and you begin to use them, you will drastically increase your closing percentages!

Glenn, I was told after my first draft to really cut down on the talk about me, so I cut it out altogether.

However, in case you were wondering, I do sell cars for Mercedes-Benz of Denver and you can find my window office at the back of the building on 940 s. Colorado Blvd. actually, I was thinking of placing that in the header, you know sort of a "from the office of..." style header with the dealership address and everything.

I've made enough from this promotion to pay for website hosting to place this online for one month! a self-sustaining enterprise which will only grow with time! Thank you very much!

I will keep you up-to-speed with updates. Also, Gordon, thank you for your new report. I love the part about I cannot fix inactivity, I can fix activity that I take today. That's great! Course correction - action - course correction.


I didn't buy your report so what you are about to read comes from your reply to Dien and Glenn. There is a group called Agora Financial (not promoting them nor affiliated with them) that does some very clever advertising to sell financial newsletters. Your remark of "From the office of..." immediately hit me as something they have used. In fact, if memory serves, I got another one of those types of declarations from them last week. It featured one of their "editors" outside their main office in Baltimore with a person sitting at a computer supposedly making $100 plus by selling puts.

I'm sure your mentor has his thoughts about this type of schtick but I thought I'd throw it out there. How do I know it is successful w/Agora? They have stuck with it and not tweaked it in over a year. These guys tweak, tweak and re-tweak.

Again, just my thoughts. I'm just an old line insurance agent who uses only one line, "want to buy life insurance?" My unemployment check is in the mail.:D

Let me also add this to my bona fides. I like to play 4 card Keno and so far this year I am over $500 (my bona fides) in the win column. I was thinking of sharing my winning strategy via a pdf. My cover was going to be me sitting at my machine with the winning window (bottom left of almost every slot machine) showing my profit. Since I read your response I think "From the office of Tom K" is a great cover title. Thanks.

Hope you sell a ton of books.

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