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June 12, 2017, 12:32 PM
Charisma coach? What the heck is that?

Many people want to increase their charisma. Charisma can greatly affect your success in life, whether you are in a job, or starting or running a business.

Of course, being charismatic helps in anything you do where you need to be in front of people, such as sales, or even singing or acting...

There are people who make a good living as charisma coaches. If you can learn the keys to charisma, you can also help share it with others...

Who would take such classes? Many businesspeople are interested in charisma classes, in order to help their business or their career.

However, others are too, such people who want to be more successful at dating, or anyone preparing a public speech (such as for their wedding)...!

There are a few charisma coaches around, but it's likely that there aren't too many in your area yet. That leaves the opportunity there for you to do it!

Here's an example article, of a lady working for the BBC who went to a charisma class, to check it out...

Can you be taught to be more charismatic?

I have to say, one book I learned a lot from many years ago is the book "Intimate Connections" by David D. Burns. It's a book written by a very famous professor of psychiatry, well-known for his work with depression. However, this book is a book on how to have more dating success!

The main technique I took from it is to learn how to honestly praise people. When I meet someone, I look for things I can honestly praise about them... It could be an element of their personality, it could be an achievement they've achieved, it could even be their dress sense. Then, when the timing is right, I'm happy to let them know what I honestly appreciate or like about them. I'm always honest. (I'm actually very bad at lying, so I have to be!)

People love honest praise (as you might imagine)!

Now here are a couple of videos which can help you if you want to do this...

The first is a video of Olivia Fox Cabane, giving a great lecture on how to have charisma... (You can download the audio and just listen to it in the background, if you like, as there's really nothing visual you need to see.)

Stanford Seminar - Olivia Fox Cabane on Charisma


If you want to download it as an audio file, you can use ListenToYouTube http://www.listentoyoutube.com ...

The second video is also of Olivia Fox Cabane, being interviewed... In this interview, she goes over some of the techniques she uses with her clients, as a charisma coach...

How to be Charismatic


How do you get clients?

You can start getting clients by advertising locally, in places like Craigslist, or Gumtree (which is big in the UK and some other places). You can also do local advertising on Facebook. Another approach is to become known by giving talks to various local groups, such as your local Rotary Club or other service club.

Here's a great article on how to get invited to speak at your local Rotary Club...

Speaking to a Rotary Club

There are still plenty of money-making opportunities out there! This is just one of them... :)

Best wishes,


We had an intense weekend, got 3 movie scripts sketched out, submitted one movie idea, and put together a list of Hollywood "buyers", not an easy task.

So, today and tomorrow, we are coming up for air and some fresh supplies.

About Charisma, it CAN be taught. It can be a result of learning FASCINATION, and at times it is hard for the untrained eye to tell them apart, but, I assert both Charisma and Fascination are better taught and learned directly person to person, may make for a nice class you can teach.

BUT, if you are looking to capitalize on it, the best money maker is in PRESENTATION TRAINING. Millennials are NOT good with public speaking and more and more 20-30 somethings have executive positions which require they give presentations. This is a huge market, expensive and if you can help them (cash in on your Toastmasters' Trainings) there is a huge market ready for you.

OK. Some feedback rec'd from the MY ACT report:


The final part where the reader customizes it seems to have struck a chord with many, but, unfortunately, I've gotten several emails,

from people who just can't figure out what they want? So, I ask you all,

Why do you think people have such a hard time with their FOCUS, and why are so many of us, DISTRACTED and trying to juggle so many balls?

And if you want, share any reasons you might have for not wanting to set goals, can you please?

Another CHATTEL update, "Dan the restaurant Man" had a 25k month, and I'm trying to persuade him to share some details, cause a few of you have expressed interest. But NOTE this, he's been at it a year of continuous effort...and some you can't stay with something a couple of weeks,

SO, no matter what Dan would offer up, I doubt, seriously, some of you who have asked about this, have the ability to stay with ANYTHING long enough to see the success he has.

Which is related to the question about FOCUS and that is ... Why do so many lack perseverance in their lives? Why the quit factor?

OK, may have more later or tomorrow. Testing a new "Go like" camera today, love me some new toys and gadgets.


PS. Leave feedback here or email if you prefer, gjabiz@yahoo.com with any comments about MY ACT REPORT.

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