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June 20, 2017, 10:32 AM
Hello Fellow Sowpubbers,

Since We've reached the mid point of 2017,
it's time to analyze income streams for this year
and set focus on the successes and test other
ideas for the rest of the year.
(Sounds a bit conflicting, eh? :) )

So, I figured I'd compile a list of My current 2017 successes,
and plans for the rest of the year...

Would love to hear your successes and plans, as well.

So, here it goes:

Ways I've made CASH in 2017...

These have been My most successful side hustles so far for 2017.
Now that We're half way through the year, I'm looking back to see what has worked for Me so far so I can work on increasing My success for the rest of the year.

1. Craigslist.
Although, it's been really slow, I've gotten 'side hustle' work from posting in the 'Resume' section and the 'household services' sections...
Have also had referrals from some of My ads posted last year...

2. Gold and Jewelry.
Since I decided to do some clean UP in the back room of My house, I found some old, broken jewelry that was just laying waste in a storage bin. (NOT Costume Jewelry... )
Didn't know I could make as much $$$ by collecting old, broken, unused jewelry and cashing it in to a local jeweler.

3. My normal, 'Web Work' w/ clients I've had already...
Haven't had any luck picking UP new Website clients / Video Clients, etc., this year, but still have pay coming in from previous clients...
This has been a bit slow this year, as well, so have to work on getting more clients...

Now, what I have just started working on this month...

1. AirBnB.
I've just listed a room on one of My properties for AirBnB.
I still have some slight modifications to work on for the property, but nothing that can't be completed in the time that a guest can book the room and actually arrive.
Hoping I can get a few good guests from this and have to think of ways to capitalize on the 'back end'... Such as, drive Guests to the local beaches, bring them to the local 'night life' places, etc...
But, First and Foremost, I have to get them IN MY Door!

2. Posting More Ads on CL...
Have some items to sell and barter on My local Craigslist.
Also, posting ads for 'side hustles' such as house-cleaning, lawn mowing, etc...

3. Cashing in on $ change laying around the house, and in the storage bins in the back.
Didn't know I had so much coinage laying around.

Currently searching internet, w/ the limited internet access I've had for the past few months, for other 'side hustle' ideas that I'm able to do that most suits My skills, abilities, and that could utilize the resources I currently have...

What are some things other Sowpub Forum Members have done to make $$$ this year?




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