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September 27, 2017, 10:00 AM
Thanks Gordon!

I have "Trust Me, I'm Lying" on Kindle... One of those books I bought but never read. I'm gonna start reading it today!

I'm also reading Elmer Leterman, "The Sale Begins When the Customer Says No"... Wow, great stuff! (Again, ordered it a long time ago, and started reading it, then got off-track... So I've started again from the beginning...)

He seems to be about how to predispose people toward you, what he calls "indirect selling"... Is this the same as Robert Cialdini's "Pre-Suasion"? Again, another one I've bought, but haven't read...

I'l have to get "Growth Hacker Marketing" too... Lots of good reading to do...! :)

I'm planning to do lots of book reading in my break times during the day...! (Rather than reading too much %&@&%#! news... which is too addictive...)

Best wishes,


Take 15 mins and read the Growth Hacker Marketing book, eye opener.


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