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September 21, 2017, 12:33 PM
next time I go to one,. the wallet stays in the car.

So, two today by one very hot author; Ryan Holiday. Hopefully you've already read his bestseller, TRUST ME, I'M LYING.

Today, GROWTH HACKER MARKETING. I'm putting this into the MUST read category. Takes about 10 mins, short 100+ pages paperback.

He makes Growth Hacking understandable, and actually uses this book as an example.

His other work is PERENNIAL SELLER, The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts. Considering the Chattel Report is 20 years old, he's preaching to the choir on this one. Basic premise very paraphrased: create EVERGREEN information products.

And then, Daniel Dipiazza, his book; RICH20SOMETHING, Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life you want.

Save your dough, get any 7 buck WSO and you get the same stuff. His website is sorta popular, with an appeal to, of course, 20 somethings who really don't want to work for anything. I'll donate this one to the library.

Anyone read any of these? Got a few more to go.

A word about Growth Hacking. Holiday gives us the Product Market Fit PMF and shows a lot of examples of how businesses grew so fast.

OLD guys, like me, saw the offline equivalent of Growth Hacking with: The Pet Rock, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Hula Hoops, Beanie Babies and Hannah Montana (if you had a couple of young girls in the house).

The apparent 'SECRET' to Growth Hacking, is, Create VIRAL. Use FREE, get users to invite, give away, get more if they do and track everything.

Might be a much better overview, probably not one shorter. Against this backdrop of building huge companies at breakneck speed, I offer you this:


Since I'm about to test DIRECT MAIL, it seems I've come full circles. But then I stand back and see I have the goggles of an old man, content to fly low and collect the dough, without the ambition of a 20 or 30 something who wants to build something big.

So, I'm aware of how I skew my opinions. And that brings back around to

IT, all depends on what you want. Here at SowPub, I think we've attracted more of a fly low crowd over the years, and that doesn't mean just nickle and dime either, but those less inclined to seek the fame and name and are happy doing their own things, whatever that may be.

I still read a lot of books, albeit, like many older guys, I took the speed reading and memory courses back in the day so it is rare it takes me than an hour to read any book. (fiction aside)

Today's biggest problem, as I think it applies to most of us, is CHOOSING and focusing on what your ideal day would be like, and for far too many, especially younger folks,

You have too many choices, but it is your time, your money, your life, you spend it how YOU want to, OK?

But if someone else is calling your shots, and you are doing as you are told to do...man, you GOTS to get serious about what it is your day should be.


PS. I'm interviewing the MAILORDER guy this afternoon, should have a pdf ready by the weekend. 10 bux. Go wash a window if you ain't got it, I guarantee it will be worth it to you. How one guy turned 50 bux into $500.00 net profit with old school mailorder.

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