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Old April 25, 2018, 04:37 PM
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Default Glenn, I've always liked your qualifers.

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

As You Know I just closed 4 New Clients. (I wrote most of the book and Shared
it on Sowpub - with your kind Permission.)

Did Not Want Four.

Do Not Want Any More.

That's for Sure.


So After a Week I Took a NEW LOOK at my newest *Billion Dollar Self Referral System e-book offer*...

Screamed "EUREKA!"


Decided to GIVE The New E-book with 12 Different Case Studies Where We
Actually FIND 5 and 6 Figure NEW Clients FOR a Dozen Small Business owners....

AWAY for F-r-e-e.

But "FREE" is Boring.

And I didn't want to Deal with a Bunch of People Who DO NOT TAKE ACTION.


Instead of "F*R*E*E.


You ask, "What in the World is a "Paper Pants Flirt Test?"


It all came about because I LIKE MORE Food on my Plate at Restaurants. And
my boredom with Traditional Tipping Methods.

I came across this website s*ale on "White Paper Pants" - used for Painting
and to protect your Clothes while doing MANUAL LABOR.

Bought 10 pair.

And took 2 Pair to a Sports Bar in Maryland.

***PAPER PANTS #1 - I Wrote "Thank You" on one leg with MAGIC MARKER.

Then Asked My Waitress Name, STACY, and Then Wrote "STACY" on The other Leg.


SAID, "Is it OK If I TIP You BEFORE Lunch Stacy?"

Stacy says, "SURE."

So I Held Both Arms Out with The PAPER PANTS THANK YOU NOTE - Face UP
and said, "Here is TIP #1 for you. Paper Pants!"

Cooks name. "Griffin."


Got STACY to Escort me into the Kitchen.

Where I Personally Presented GRIFFIN with his PAPER PANTS Thank You Note.
Plus 5 Instant Scratch OFF LOTTO Tickets.

Stacy Got LOTTO tickets all thru Lunch - too.

THIS was on a MONDAY at lunch. So the Place was nearly empty. And so I got
to MEET all the GIGGLING waitresses, Most of The SMILING Cooks and Bus Boys AND THE GRINNING MANAGER. (Who Thanked me for Entertaining her team.)

Everybody had a Lot of Fun.

AND I Got TWICE AS MUCH food. And a F-r-e-e Dessert And OOOPS. They
made a mistake on my BILL in MY FAVOR.


I Thought, "A PAPER PANTS TEST Would make a Fantastic Way to WEED OUT
the Tire Kickers and Whingers."


And Thus it Came To Pass...

I Changed The LAST Paragraph at the End of The "B*illion D*ollar Referral System" S*Ales letter to say...

"You Get a F-r-e-e Copy of Our New Book if You PASS Our PAPER-PANTS-FLIRT- TEST..."

(EDITORS NOTE - Now My F*R*E*E book offer is Not BORING.)


P.S. - Gordon - In The Past Two Weeks you have written at least 2 Posts
wondering "How to Find People Who Take Action AND Now "How to Avoid Clients."

I'm not Suggesting you Use My PAPER PANTS idea. But the "QUALIFY" Concept
behind it might be worth Testing.

Thanks Glenn, may give a version of this a try with a new project. One thing I really like in your promotion is how you point out the uniqueness of your Mentors and some gurus. I've always said off the rack ideas don't fit everyone.

From Frank Kern, to Bill Myers and Walter Haily and Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert (can you even imagine getting away with oogling your female seminar participants like Sir Gary did? He'd be deep on the #MEtoo list today) make a great point about

knowing who you are...

And not even wanting, or needing to do those things the mentors can do so easily, naturally and as a second nature. When some of us try on their "methods, techniques and manipulations", well they fit like glove at an OJ Simpson trial, eh?

Take the most useful, and that is always of a personal nature, away from the gurus and mentors, but apply it in a way which best suits yourself.

I like that idea.

In MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME, on page 2 (because I promised no fluff or filler) is the basis of it all...THE TRANSACTION.

And the exchange of VALUE. You have applied the Hailey NEER formula more than anyone I know who was exposed to it...and the psychology behind RAPPORT, whether by paper pants, lottery tickets, confetti canons, or whatever technique is used...

gets that positive first impression, in effect GIVING before you GET, or as Harvey Brody might assert, controlling the magnet under the table to get the iron filings on top to look like you want them too...

is, obviously a very powerful piece of the overall strategy of sales. Helping a business GET profits first, is (in my opinion) as good as it gets to secure positive energy and future profits, albeit, while learning not to get a phone number in return, and actually getting our fair EXCHANGE OF VALUE.

With information, I long ago quit wondering or concerning myself with someone else application...once they have it, its on them to use it (I always thought Jim Straw and Dean DuVall's upfront NO REFUNDS policy was a good idea, and I use it myself adding an extra step for even a simple two page 10 buck report.

Anyhow, I like the paper pants, may order some for myself, save on doing laundry.

Maybe use some spray glue, a confetti canon and make them look really groovy. I admire what you do, albeit, you have some uniqueness which I could never even attempt, like those guru/mentor examples at your promotion. But I do like how you qualify people.

No sense wasting time with Time Wasters, eh? Would love to know, if you care to share, how many opt for the 13k buy rather than having to do something. Bet there might be a few out there, good golly man, asking people to actually do something? HA!

Thanks for some great ideas Glenn, you are appreciated.

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