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Old April 5, 2021, 05:09 PM
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Default Thanks for sharing your tests. And by the way...

I was once a "mascot" (and later my kid also made moolah doing it)...but the best traffic stopper I had was: a 6'6" tall Rabbit carrying a magician in a hat. It stopped traffic, got us in the paper (Akron Beacon) and on TV...we gave away animal balloons to all the kids.

It was for the Grand Opening of a Magic/Game/Card store (Spellbinders)...also, along with the balloon, we offered a free pack of trading cards too. It was a great success.


PS. You've given me a great idea for new project, need to get a big Tiger to carry in a backpack. Thanks Glenn.

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

I Read Your "Door to Door As a Kid" FLOWER SALES Story - a while ago.

My Dad Had me Selling Vegetables Dr to Dr at the same Age.

I Just Watched a Dan Kennedy KEYNOTE.

First Thing Dan said was to SELL PEOPLE More of What they are ALREADY Buying.

YOU - Women Already Had Flowers in the House. Or Growing in Yard.

ME - Women with a Paycheck on Friday - Are About to Go Buy MORE Food. Which is why we Sold Veggies on Friday.


Because of the PANDEMIC.
Because the Country Road outside my house was Just Resurfaced.

Hundreds of folks on 5000.00 Bicycles are peddling by LOOKING
for ENTERTAINMENT (While they exercise) in the Country.


Antique Cars and Porche Roadsters and TESLA
Electric Car Drivers ALSO go by. (Some at 100 mph - Most at 30 mph)

ALSO out looking for Entertainment.

So The Sight of a GIANT PINK Teddy Bear
Sitting in a Chair,
Watching me Do Laundry By Hand,
While I Stand,
Behind a White Bucket might Garner a STARE,

OR Force Driver to STOP RIGHT THERE.


Because We Have Found Hidden Psychological Concepts in the Marketing of a Bunch of Self Made Billionaires We’ve Become a Sort of “Mad Scientist” of Testing.

For Example:

In His Best Selling book, “Influence” — Robert Cialdini tells a Story of how HE Tested The Psychological Concept behind the New York Times Best Seller Book Selling Strategy.

CONCEPT IS — People are Lazy. So if they SEE Your Book In the Top 10 on The NYTimes Best Seller List — they BUY it. Figuring that since LOTS of folks bought it ALREADY it must be good.

Mad Scientist Cialdini — Put some of his students on the Median Strip on a Busy Road.

Tested One Kid Looking up. NO RESULTS.
Two Looking up in the air. NADA.
Three Looking up. Cars Slowed Down and a couple Stopped.
A GROUP of Students Looking up — STOPPED TRAFFIC!

Total — Complete GRID-LOCK.
MAD SCIENTIST GLENN — Wanted to Duplicate this Experiment. But Without Using Any Students.

So We Called Cialdini on the Phone and Asked Questions.
One of the ideas Robert Shared was a Way to Get Cars to Stop. Just in case you needed help and had a Flat Tire.

We Tested.
It Worked SOME of the time.

Then we Stumbled over INFO in a New Book about The Mad Russian RASPUTIN.

And how 400 Women Gathered outside his house Every Morning. Because they could Trim his hair and nails. Sell them as Religious Relics.

Rasputin Had a System of POINTING to Pick Two Women Out of 400 to Pray With. Rasputins idea of “Prayer” often Ended in Sex.

But RASPUTIN’s POINTING System (OPENED MY EYES) What He DID is Very Similar to that Used by a Dozen of our Billionaire Mentors.

In Print (J.K. Rowling) —
Audio (Steve Jobs) and
Video (Richard Branson Virgin Airlines.)


Combined Lots of Face to Face tests with Dozens of Examples from our Billionaire Mentors — And Created a New mp3 Audio Book called:

“RASPUTIN RECTANGLE — How Rasputin & Billionaires Use The Same Strategy to Get Prospects to OBEY Directions.”

Suddenly I Met a Multi-Millionaire Mentor, Jackie, Who was selling her MLM Health Products with a GIANT PINK TEDDY BEAR.

Jackie told me, “I invite Prospects to Lunch. They meet me and My BEAR. The PINK Bear is in a CHAIR. Eating Lunch There. While People Stare. Folks have so much FUN they sign up Just To Stay NEAR (Me) .”

I Thought, “That DOES Sound Like Fun.”

So I ASKED my Customer List to "BUY ME A GIANT Teddy Bear."

Long Story Short.

Some RASCAL anonymously Bought me a 9 Foot Tall Bear. I made some Frantic Phone Calls. Dicovered a 9 foot bear would Not Fit in my car. The 6 foot Bear wouldn’t Fit in a Restaurant Seat.

So I Persuaded them to Send me a Giant 4 foot Tall PINK TEDDY BEAR Instead of the 9 foot Monster. And am Trying to Refund the REST of the Dinero to The Mr Anonymous Bear Buyer.

Not Knowing what I Would Need I proceeded to Take Some PINK BEAR PHOTOS.

PHOTO — Teddy Bear in a Chair — Getting the Mail.
PHOTO — Teddy Bear Next to my Container Garden.
PHOTO — Teddy Bear Looking at my Rain Barrel.
PHOTO — Teddy Bear in a Chair Watching me do Some Laundry BY HAND. Using a Plastic “Wonder-Wand” and Water in a 5 Gallon Bucket.

CLICK to See
PINK BEAR In Action -


I — I am 25 Yards from the road.
II — Bobbing Up And Down With My Water Wand in a White Bucket.
III — Watched By a Huge PINK TEDDY BEAR in a Chair.
IV — My Neighbor across the Street and I wave at Each other. But Seldom Speak. And he NEVER Yells over at me.

But The Combo of my BOPPING Up and Down. While a PINK BEAR Watches — Made him SO Curious he yelled…


Pretty Cool, right?

NEXT TEST is Me Near the Road. Teddy Bear in a Chair. “Wonder-Wand-in Hand. Bobbing up and down over a 5 Gallon Bucket.


Dunno. Maybe.


It means I can PULL CARS over without needing 10 Students to Look Up in The Sky!

And IF I can Get The Drivers of Cars to PULL over and Talk to me. All kinds of Fun Possibilities open up.

Grocery Stores.
Wal-Mart Lines.
Home Depot and Office Depot.
Sports Bars and Restaurants.
Drive Thru Where The Teddy Bear Orders.


So Here is a YouTube (Box Opening) video with the most hits.
The Exact same “Laundry Wand” I got cheap at Amazon. (She probably got for Free Cuz She has so many viewers.)

But I just wring out my Blue Jeans and Hang ’Em outside under the porch to dry. Do not need the Electric Spin-Dryer the girl uses in her Double wide Trailer.

I simply do not wanna use my washer and dryer on ONE PAIR OF PANTS.

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Glenn Osborn
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