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Old June 14, 2022, 12:55 PM
EricC EricC is offline
Join Date: Jan 2022
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Default Re: So what is the "slop and mess" of making money, or running a business?


When I first read what you were writing about Slop and Mess I knew you were pointing out something I needed to figure out. Somehow I have always had an aversion to Slop and Mess I just had not gotten a clear idea yet of what it was I was avoiding. Now I even have a name for it! Thanks!

For example, as much as I love the idea of making talismans, doing tarot readings, or casting spells for clients I know I am not going to market those services because of Slop and Mess. So they will remain things I can do for a few people now and then.

I can also at this point say I have wallowed in the Slop and Mess of most of the business activities & distractions you point out. My path in life from a business perspective is a case study in what not to do.

Feels like I am growing and learning running this obstacle course so there is that. Being a young kid in my 50s I've probably got a few decades left to enjoy a low Slop and Mess info empire. So time to see how much learning and growing there has been so far.

Now what ACTION have I taken?

What you found on Etsy and Ebay (S. Rob's magick cards in particular) made me face the fact that people buy what I have been fascinated with for decades. Searching further just confirmed what you were showing us.

Not just a few people are buying either. Many of these listings are selling hundreds of copies or more of what appear to be hotsheets and short booklets.

So with all that staring me in the face, I challenged myself to come up with a magickal hotsheet. I committed to start writing today after my morning meditation. The hotsheet is being created for those wanting to make changes in their life using magick.

Turns out there are at least four broad areas people want to see results with magick so really at least four hotsheets. Money/business/career, Love/Sex/Romance, Curse Removal/Protection, and Stress Relief/Relaxation look to be big areas of interest.

While I don't know quite what to use for a headline I was able to come up with a simple magick how-to for specific goals. Goes pretty fast with some focus!

Basically it is a step by step process for combining affirmations and visualizations fueled by emotions with a simple card (yet to be designed) should make it easy to do the magick working. In creating the outline I am already seeing the material expanding into natural magick suggestions and other additions.

So thanks again for all you share. Some of us are turtle slow but pathologically stubborn.


P.S. I finally figured out why my past efforts resemble the antics of a squirrel smoking crack. Divided Will. Focusing my capacity to act in one single direction has changed everything.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Start ups and newbie, usually due to underfunding, have to wear many hats; bookkeeper, manager, worker bee...all things which eventually will fall to hired in accountants, lawyers, contractors perhaps.

It takes time, money and energy to get the ball rolling.

That is, unless...

You start at the top and push it down the hill.

Just a tiny mindset of a difference, I learned from Burt Morgan and his book START AT THE TOP. The man was a genius businessman.

Most of us are taught, schooled and educated to START at the bottom, and work our way up the ladder. It is very old school. And today, with plenty of teenage evidence found on social media, one doesn't have to start at the bottom, they avoid the mail room by going directly to the executive suites.

Today, as I slog through some very deep, ingrained, rooted neural tropes of yesteryear...

that is, finding some of my INFOPRENEURS are holding tightly onto the idea of being a Sysiphus while trying to push their rocks up the hill.

Over 40 folk are especially of this OLD world belief.

Harder to get them to FOCUS on today and modern opportunities.

Younger folk, they who have grown up with Internet, Cell phones and gaming, are more adept at embracing the NEW world way to do things.

But what is the slop and mess I so dearly despise? Well, of course, employees are at the top of my list, BUT, there are many an Entrepreneur who build their businesses for family and friends, Ben Suarez comes to mind as one of these types.

And I never tell anyone else what THEY should do, especially start ups, other than get on top of the marketing right out of the gate.

What I see TODAY, is too much energy spent on trying to LEARN software, and keywords, and focusing TIME on activity which does not quickly and directly impact the bottom line.

One of my hallmarks, is, circulation beats storage. I can't watch videos of guys with back rooms, warehouses, sheds, garages, basements and attics and those storage centers (I did manage one at one time)...full of stuff, junk, product.

It pains me almost as seeing a garage full of SA8 and Nutrilite filled pallets, which are fast approaching expiration dates...or a closet full of Mary Kay or a pantry stocked with Tupperware.


Now I get that some of you are tired hearing about how great information is, and you haven't been able to figure out how to do it yet...but there simply isn't an easier product to create or sell.

But no matter what you choose to do, I strongly suggest you have TIME LINES, even deadlines for your activity, or else you could get bogged down in time consuming, money wasting NOT money making activities.

So for now, slop and mess might be any activity that is not currently bringing buckeroos into your bank account.

Also, I see a lot of people who like to get stuck in the slop and mess, it gives them the feeling they are solving problems and making advances...when in reality (after 40 years of eyewitness proof); they are simply making mud pies and telling everyone the dirt on their hands are proof they are doing something.

If it isn't adding dollars today, it is probably slop and mess, eh? NO?


P.S. The one big thing I see lacking today is... a sense of URGENCY. My opine: too much thought, and not enough action. (Isn't that a Country Western song?).

If you don't act as if what you are doing is important, don't expect others too either.
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