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Millard Grubb
November 16, 2021, 06:11 AM
Hi Millard,

I've thought (a little bit) about doing a YouTube channel...

When you look at those who succeed, they upload regularly, generally at least once a week (and usually more)...

I've read that the YouTube algorithm "rewards" those who put up videos regularly by promoting their videos more...

If you just put up videos every now and then, from what I've read, YouTube won't promote your videos as much...

I think there is opportunity there, but it takes consistency and time...

I think it also helps to be on the lookout for new social media... If you're early, and it explodes, your views will explode along with it! (That's how a lot of people got big through Tiktok...)

Now, if it enables you to "live the life" you want (like a lot of these travel YouTubers), then I'm sure it's well worth it!

I am "inching" towards doing video... But I may not show up on camera...

I kind of like this "drawing" method of doing a video... (This one is a very successful VSL - video sales letter...)


There's software you can use to make a drawing "gradually" appear... Sometimes they call it whiteboard animation software, or doodle video software...

Here's a video with an example of how it works using the software...


(I already "splurged" and got software that will do this, but I haven't used it yet!)

Best wishes,



I agree that it takes time and consistency to have a successful Youtube channel. In the example I stated with Kara and Nate, they saved for a year and planned their travels. Taking the $30,000 they saved, they traveled the world and planned for a year long trip. The trip actually took 4 years, and they made quite a bit a money from Youtube from what I see in views. Kara and Nate are now going across the US with sponsors on their channel.

Your links to the videos of drawing explanations could help making the videos easier. But as you said, it's gonna take time. :)

One thing I see consistently, is videos of cooking, recipes, and the like. (We gotta eat, don't we?)

Find a niche or take the time to build one. At least, if you build a video channel, it is something you can do from home, in your study or office (or kitchen) and not have to slog to a job if you are successful.

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