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January 31, 2022, 06:43 PM
It is far too advanced for beginners and most would be copywriters. The problem is latching on to one of his ideas, and thinking THAT is going to be the fix for some pretty crappy copy.

I think if anyone reads this, they should have a copy of his 127 best ads to look at while reading so you can see more than just the examples in the book. He was my personal favorite copywriter and I bought a lot from him.

But this book, too much for too many and creates great mental confusion.

That is my opinion.


P.S. My fav buy: the DEUTRO-LEARNING Auto-Proctor learning machine. Before the book, they sold this new "machine". It remains the best course I ever bought.

Per Schwartz' ad, I gave Harry Lorayne an evening and I came out a mental wizard. All I needed was a wand.

"Well, at least your remembered the book and author. " Ahah.

Gordon, do you have any opinion about Breakthrough Advertising book?

It seems to me BA is like 10 advanced copywriting courses condensed on one single book.

I have it.


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