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January 30, 2022, 02:45 PM
Great article today from Ankesh:


Just last week I was posting about VOCALICS aka Paralanguage, and it is easier to link to wiki to explain:


In his article Ankesh gives us some of the lingo of vocalics, like PROSODY, the way you say something (or read it).

I've long considered myself a cow pasture poet, and would rather be known for that before being called a marketer, or worse, a salesperson/copywriter.

But I have spent a lifetime studying language all from a PRACTICAL how do I use this information...

how does this help me
how does this make my writing better
-more persuasive - more entertaining- more engaging.

Because engagement should be every writer's goal, otherwise don't waste time writing.

I'll write more on this later this week, if there is any interest, and in the meantime read Ankesh's article (heck while there, read a bunch of them)...

and then we will




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