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Dien Rice
September 11, 2007, 11:52 PM
I remember the "heady" days when the internet was new. People were getting million-dollar venture capital funds out of nowhere, and millionaires and billionaires were being made overnight...

It was an exciting time. (Thank goodness some of that was captured in the movie "Startup.com" - check it out if you want to "relive" those days!)

People were talking about the "new economy"... You weren't supposed to do business the "old fashioned" way. If you did, you just didn't "get it". So they said.

In the end, most of those who didn't follow the "old rules" (but who instead thought that it was "eyeballs" that counted, not profits!) went belly-up...

Who survived?

In most cases, it was those using the new technology - but still following the old rules!

Whenever there's a new technology - online video, podcasting, and internet transmissions from spacecraft (wait, it's coming!) - the people who will succeed are those who apply the "old" rules to the "new"...

I agree with those (like Gordon and others) who say - study the direct marketing classics! Then - apply what you know to the new technology...

That's how to succeed!

I've learned a lot from Gordon Alexander, and I'm still learning a lot from him... Pay attention to what he says. He sure distributes some "gold" in his posts...

- Dien

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