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September 15, 2007, 01:47 AM

I got my 1st customer with my 4th phone call!

I was wanting to sell it at $300 for 10,000 placemats, but agreed upon $150 for first trial run.

Now my only delima's are:

1) Collecting payment (Paypal or check?)
a) Pay now or later?

2) Contract or verbal agreement?

This is an awesome business idea!

A few suggestions to help you;

1) Get restaurant owner to give you a list of their suppliers and their regular diners who own businesses. Call these people and say;
"Hi mr business owner....I'm working with Ted X who owns the X Diner. He told me to call you first. I'd put together a promotion program at Ted's Diner that could bring you some business. It's too hard to explain on the phone. would you have a few minutes this afternoon, or would tomorrow morning be better.

2) Place 16 to 20 Ad Spaces around the edges of the Mat with a space in the center for the restaurant. Sell your ad spaces on your first program for $185 ea. (This gives you experience so you can charge more later)

3) Collect $85 as deposit and $100 on "Proof"....using an Ad Agreement

You could also just "walk in cold" on nearby businesses...show them your sample mockup...tell them how many people eat there every day...every week and your price. If anyone turns you down for $185, you have "BO" or "Bad Breath".

The most common objection is; "Out Ad Budget is Spent".
To overcome this you say, before you show your sample;
"Is there anything left in your Ad Budget?"
If they say, "Nope! All budgeted out for advertising!" Thank them for their time and leave.
However...most will want to "see what you have"...so they will say something to the effect that, "They Have Money Left in their Ad Budget".
So show them and "Assume" they are going to buy by whipping out your Ad Agreement after you've shown your sample...and starting to write in their name, etc.
You could also simply ask them "which space would you like?"
If they pick a space, they've bought.

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