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May 11, 2010, 06:28 PM
Ol Mister DOOM AND GLOOM. Here is what happened.

The part of ME will be played by...well, me. Mr. Doom and Gloom (MDG) will be played by the other me. For you Seinfeld fans it will be like an encounter between Jerry and Newman.

I'm in the produce department and I see celery is priced at over a dollar more than it was last week...a DOLLAR more, WHY? Wasn't it lettuce that was recalled? Do they now grow celery in the Gulf of Mexico? Was it the flood in TN? What the ______? Why did celery go up so much?

Then I check the bell peppers. YIKES!

I hear his voice.

"Hello Gordon."

ME: "Oh, it's you, Mr. Doom and Gloom. What are doing here?"

MDG: "Just stocking up for the coming hard times."

ME: "Which sky is falling now?"

MDG: "Ha, good one. But it isn't funny to the people who are getting creamed with volcanic ash, is it?"

ME: "Always going to be acts of Nature, not much you can do about those."

MDG: "You could be a good scout and BE PREPARED."

ME: "You know I believe in preparation and actually YELL at people to keep an emergency kit around, just in case."

MDG: "Yea, but you ain't nowheres near prepared for what's about to hit, the PERFECT Storm of Doom and Gloom. Combine the regular acts of Nature, you know, the floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanos and, what am I forgetting, oh the Tsunamis and the EARTHQUAKES...toss in a few man made disasters, like oil spills, stock market crashes, shoddy infrastructure and, well, you're poised for some serious hard times ahead."

ME: "Ya think? Your shouting never changes, same old same old on these ears."

MDG: "Scoff if you want, the rich are buying up gold and silver like it's going out of style, that's a little joke for you Roosevelt types. By the time the dollar hits bottom, you'll be lucky to have 30 cents left over in purchasing power."

ME: "Oh no, it's not the ol devaluation/hyper-inflation coming at us, is it?"

MDG: "According to me, that's exactly what it is."

I continued shopping, did NOT buy the produce, but did buy a couple of extra bags of rice and beans. I mean, you can't eat gold and silver, right?

Ol Mr. Doom and Gloom doesn't worry about the poor, he says they have way to much ammunition to go hungry.

I wonder what the streets of Greece would have looked like if they had the Second Amendment force that we in the USA have?

Well, I just wanted to open the floor for discussion. Any thoughts?

WARNING (pay attention Don Alm)...I'll tolerate a little bit of political positioning, however, there aren't going to be any long rants one way or the other.

The CIVILIZED discussion we can have is whether the storm clouds of hyper inflation and other world factors is going to impact our lives and if so, how? How do you see it?

If you see the GOOD years that lie ahead of us, please tell us why you think things are going to be peachy keen, I need my own ammo against Ol Mr. Doom and Gloom, he ain't going away anytime soon.

And if you think there are some tough times ahead, how do we prepare?

As businesspeople, how do we go about our daily grind and what should we be looking for?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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