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Old October 17, 2008, 06:33 AM
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Default Re: Technicalities are where the answers lie


Thanks for asking for more.

I am Not saying to have a B.A.D. for Pneumonia. I am saying... Why have one for Poverty - an undefinable thing, which has no solution - when there are far more important things to Blog About?

The biggest killer is pneumonia. Isn't THAT more important than whether some have a "roof over their head"?

Mugabe Murders his people; steals their property. Isn't THAT more important than someone being able to afford a medical bill?

Palestine receives money from the United Nations, they are lead by a known Terrorist Organization. The UN funds come from Member Nations, like the USA. So the USA is funding the terrorists in Palestine while claiming to be fighting a War on Terror. (How can you claim to fight something you are funding?)

I did not say there are 101 things wrong. I AM saying there are More Important things than blogging about a Feel Good subject like Poverty.


So people die in Hurricane and floods. People also die in plane crashes, car crashes, falling down a flight of stairs, off off ladders, and a myriad of other ways. Why are those who die in Hurricanes worth more effort to prevent than any other manner of death?

I am AGAINST playing with the planet's weather - for whatever feelgood reason you have. Our weather is not just a yearly thing and be done with it. It's a Longer process. Something that changes over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. THAT is something we just should NOT mess with - for Any Reason.

There are entire ecosystems that depend on those hurricanes and floods. Stop the weather and all those systems perish. But everything is symbiotic.

Weathermen can't even Accurately forecast tomorrow's weather. And they have all the best weather monitoring gear. No way I want them - or anyone - to try to Control our weather.

If you want to build a hurricane proof home. Go right ahead. Smarter to move to an area not frequented by such violent weather.

Worried about flood? Don't live in flood prone areas then. Simple, isn't it.

You don't agree we should let people die? But you do Ankesh, you do. Your actions speak for you.

You allow it to happen daily. I don't see you out on the streets keeping people from dying. I don't see you selling all your worldly possessions, flying to Ethiopia with as much food as you can carry and feeding the starving hordes.

No. Like all do-gooders, you want Others to make your wish come true. You want Others to make sacrifices for what You deem are worthy causes and good works.

$1 a day to save a child. Nah, but it sure as heck buys a guilt free conscience don't it?

Want to save them, really. Bring them over. Raise them. Feed them in Your home. Heck, sell your home and go over there and feed them in person until you run out of money - then join the hungry queue.

1,000 bloggers writing on poverty. Phooey. They woulda done more good spending $100 of their own money - not anyone else's, their own - buying fruit tree seedlings and planting them. Letting the trees bear fruit and that fruit can feed people. Their own people in their own country.

You want to feed people? Are you buying as much foods as your money can afford and giving it away - like maybe in food give aways to the defineless Needy? Are you also giving of your time to distribute the stuff?

You're not, are you?

And that's what fries my grits. That ALL do-gooders are the same. They talk a good talk but don't walk the walk. They want Other People to walk the walk for them. They want Other people to be the Sacrificial Animals for their Good Works. Because the talk Sounds so good - and they will be thought well of.

I have no such desires. If you think I am Evil for my stance, so be it. But I think it is more evil to extract values from people and turn them into semi-slaves for what you/others deem as good works of some kind. THAT is more of an Evil than my not wanting to be bled dry and my allowing other people to be - or not be - as they so choose.

I know you want to save the world. But the world does not want to be saved. And claiming to want to save it does nothing except get you kudos from others who this year deem World Saving as a good thing to be doing.

Instead of trying to save the world - or trying to get others to save the world for you, how about leading your own life to its fullest. Lead by example. Do not gloat over what you do, just do it and be happy with it.

The best thing you can do for the world is lead a happy life and do what you want to do.

Michael Ross
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