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Old April 11, 2012, 10:57 AM
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Default Away from the BS, and how it CAN be done.

A way to do it is: (without all the BS of having to create and or sell advertising and deal with follow up)

Three items I've sold and there are many which would work.

First up. Defender of Women. A popular product sold by KRISTEE products of Akron, OH. They had a small counter display which held 10 Defenders (a pepper spray, self-defense product).

Back in the day it was called rack jobbing, today, with the Internet, you wouldn't have to revisit the store, they could order on-line.

I sold a store 25 at a time for 2.50 ea. They sold for 5. My cost was about .25 each.

To make the target 500, I would of had to sell 10 locations. What I did DO on occassion, especially after a crime spree...near college campuses...which were my bread and butter.

Today, anyone could locate scores of products WHOLESALE, and you walk into stores and offer them a counter display of X, being small foot print, POP type of product.

Examples from the REAL world. Rubber bands (call them bracelets if you want)...Live Strong and Magic Johnson...saw both on counters in the last couple of days. Each display held about 50.

They were selling POP for 4 bux, with the idea a % went to these charities (from YOUR wholesale costs, not the stores, they kept the 2 buck profit).

Saw MOOD rings on counter of store, for 4.99. There were many missing from the display, which held 36, and it was about half empty. You could source mood rings for 20 cents each.

Another product I DID sell was called Victory Miracle Polishing Cloth. Again, a small footprint counter display held a couple of dozen rags...and they had a wholesale product.

So, what ANYONE could do TODAY, without having to go to a noisy, busy bar and try to find an empty stool and hopefully HEAR what people were talking about at a table in this CROWDED place...

Without having to create bumperstickers, sell advertising, do mock-ups, get printing done, deliver products...without ANY of that nonsense.


To simply find PRODUCTS at a wholesale price...walk into mom and pop stores (and even chains have manager discretions, especially in smaller towns...the smaller the store in a chain, the more the manager can do...and they DO look for new items).

So, if you fell out of a plane, and had a backpack full of products to sell...

You simply do it the old fashioned way...Sell Baby Sell.

So, if you only make 300 or 200 for your time, are you going to get upset? The way to avoid getting upset, is to choose a product with a profit margin and have several products you could offer.

Examples. Every town has a Dry Cleaner. You could offer a Miracle Spot Remover for their a little googling, alibaba ing and you'll see many products in this category ready for you to buy and sell.

Every town has an automotive shop of some kind. You could offer a POP display for Headlight Cleaning Sauce.

Every town has a this, that and also _____

So, armed with a backpack full of REAL STUFF, actual merchandise, which can make the local store some more CASH, and if you are a salesman, but not a world class amazing one-of-a-kind with superman abilities...

IF you just walk in, show your stuff, ask them to buy...get a YES or a NO and head to the next shop, most of you wouldn't have any problem making the 500 bux a day without any of the Bull S**T

Want to KNOW what kind of products? Hey, how about you keep your eyes open when you go out and LOOK and see what is already being sold at checkout counters...then don't try to recreate the wheel.

It is BEING DONE, not theory, not a calculator dream of getting X at XX.
XX and you'll be making gazillions a week...

But just an HONEST way to make a buck, helping businesses make more money, by selling stuff to them and they sell the stuff to their customers.

Simple. And pretty dang easy too.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I actually have a program on a flash drive that almost every business could be interested in...and it could be an easy sale...but, I'll reserve that one cause it hasn't been tested thoroughly yet...and besides, we've gotten some pretty good WORKABLE ideas along with the BS too.

Oh, the third product I rack-jobbed was a NEW car wax, went by the names of AstroShield and DynaGlaze.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
You fell from an airplane into a town of 25,000 people or more.

You need to make 500 bux in cash. Today. Starting at 8 ending by 5.

No support programs. No call backs. No follow up. You'll be dropped out of a plane tomorrow into another town/city.

You'll cover the USA for any city with at least 25k.

So, what do YOU do, to get the 500 cash in your pocket ASAP every day?

Any idea accepted. But once you leave town the next day, you will never see nor hear from anyone again. OK?

Thinking caps ON? Go!!!


Last edited by GordonJ : April 11, 2012 at 12:52 PM.
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