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Old November 28, 2014, 02:22 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default HAPPY HOLIDAYS GIFT - How To SEE Aura's EXERCISE I Am Practicing

Thanks Dien,

"How To SEE Aura's EXERCISE" - I Am Practicing

After discovering that ALL Successful Communication Btwn People
involves an Aura Energy Boost - overlap or Explosion.

I started Tested Ancient Asian Exercise
handed down over thousands of years that INCREASE AURA Energy.


I discovered 5 of my customers can SEE Aura's.

And one of them just sent me this Exercise
that HE SAYS - Will Rapidly allow me to SEE auras too.

HERE it is...

Perhaps some of you will Play with this too. And we Can SHARE
our Results.

Glenn Osborn
WEIRD New Idea Testing Network

How to See Auras from Robert Bruce's book Evolution
EXERCISE: Seeing Auras

- Get some large brightly-colored objects, say a beach ball, or some large
pieces of colored card you can stick to a wall. These should be single, bright,
primary colors, like blue, red, green, yellow, orange. They must be bright and
solid colors

- The wall must be a single light pastel color, or plain white

- Have the light coming from behind you, so no light or window is in your eyes.
Stand several feet or more away. Point your eyes a few inches to the side of the
object and then defocus your gaze, so you are gazing in a very relaxed way. This
‘unfocused’ gaze is like daydreaming. Just relax and gaze into space in that general direction

- Continue gazing for a few minutes. Then move your eyes slightly towards and
then to the side of the object. You’ll see an afterimage appear that is the
opposite color to the prop, i.e. blue will produce yellow, red produces green, etc.

Blink normally and do not think about it.

Gaining the ability to see the afterimage of the colored objects tricks your
unconscious mind into ENABLING you so see real auras and energy fields. And this happens very quickly.

Practice until you can do this easily. Over time auras will appear to you faster
and easier when you get used to this.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to look directly at the subject, with a relaxed
unfocused gaze, and the aura of the color will just appear.


Next, do the same exercise with a person.

You need BARE SKIN to see the human aura, as colored clothing grossly
interferes with how a living aura appears. For example, if a person wears a red
shirt, then you will only see green around this area of their body, and not the
real human aura.

Do exactly the same thing you did with the colored props, gazing just to the side
of an area of bare skin or hair, with a relaxed unfocused gaze.

The human aura will appear in much the same way as with the colored props, but
this time there is no color in the subject to generate the aura colors you will see.

First off, you will see a thin band of creamy color about half an inch thick close to
the skin of your subject. Do not look at it. Keep gazing and the aura color will
appear and extend from this. Do not change your gaze. Auras must be observed
with peripheral vision.

The human aura will appear, extending from the creamy color. The depth of color that appears will surprise you. First the color will appear as a thin line. If you do not look directly at it and keep your relaxed gaze steady, this will GROW thicker and thicker.

If you observe different parts of your subject’s body, you’ll find different colors
appearing. With practice, you will also begin to see textures and features, and
later, symbols and even pictures will start to appear in your subject’s aura.

In the beginning, you will need to spend at least ten minutes or so on average,
gazing, to see human aura colors appear. This gets faster with practice. Just keep
at it, stay relaxed, and the colors will appear.

Try not to strain your eyes. You just need a relaxed gaze, not an intense stare.
Intensity will work against the process and delay things.

Experiment with different levels of light. This should always come from behind

How does the above work? First off, this method gives you PERSONAL
EXPERIENCE with seeing a type of aura, the auras of colors. This ‘tweaks’ your
belief system filters and allows you to see other types of auras

Practice makes perfect. Observe auras every day as you go about day to day your
life. Use the people around you as props when they are not looking.

For example... you sit on a bus, or in an office, and there is a woman several feet
away facing the other way. Her neck and shoulder and arm are bare. Focus to
the side and gaze until the aura appears.

You can also practice viewing the auras of trees, plants, and animals.

Doing this regularly will stimulate your Third Eye and cause it to develop. This
is like working out every day. Your muscles steadily become fitter and stronger.

In the early days it is normal to get tension headaches in the brow and eyes from
doing this. Remember the Golden Rule and take a break if this starts to happen.

Viewing auras regularly will stimulate your Third Eye into developing VISUAL
CLAIRVOYANCE, and other psychic abilities.

At all my workshops students make RAPID progress. Complete novices achieve
deep states of meditation, see auras, and have out of body experiences in class, etc.

I have even had students (novices and advanced) undergo full kundalini rising.
This is because they work every day on altered state meditation, energy work,
psychic exercises, aura viewing, etc.

Added to this is the group energy, and this shows how just hanging out with other
psychics rubs off energetically... as in the tuning fork analogy, where if you have
several tuning forks close together and strike one of them, pretty soon they will
all be vibrating in the same tone.

So, get some buddies with similar interests and share and practice together. Join
a meditation or psychic development group, etc...
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