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Old November 30, 2014, 06:17 PM
sandalwood sandalwood is offline
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Default Re: Diane Von Furstenberg Uses The MAGIC Of THREE Self Referral System

Since I am most interested in the poker playing aspect of auras and "gut feelings" I will address this part of your reply. But, first, thanks for everything you write. It is interesting and gets a guy thinking.

You wrote:

P.S. - Interesting that you play Poker at casino's. I coach men and women
poker players all over the world.

When you say all over the world, are you talking about pro players playing in tournaments all over the world or just run of the mill stiffs like myself who happen to reside in other countries?

So far.

By so far, you mean you have other places than all over the world? That would be something to see.

The most anyone has won is 372,112.02 at an Indian Casino Back
room for hi rollers. But the Ex CIA guy who did it says there were a LOT
of guards with guns Suddenly Blocking the doors - who DID NOT WANT him to leave.

I don't know what kind of back room he was playing in at a casino where guys with guns would show up and block his exit. Even at the Indian Casinos I've been too that hasn't happened. I'm not saying it doesn't or wouldn't but that sounds too much like a piece of drama. Believe me when I say they don't need that kind of publicity. Especially the Indian casinos given several state governments are looking for ways to separate the Indian from the casino.

Randy shot "rag heads" as he calls them - during 2 tours in Iraq. So
the threats didn't scare him. Plus he had his CIA Credentials.

I guess Indians and "rag heads" can be confused for one another.

But I've advised the other players to win in smaller amounts.

Why would you do that? If they are in a legitimate game in a legitimate casino they are not in any danger. For example, in one of the places I play there is a regular hi roller game every Friday night in the tournament area of the poker room. I was sitting at a tournament table next to the game one night. All a guy needs is 100K to buy in. No winner has ever been threatened or had guys with guns show up to block his or their exit. Coach your people to win huge. That's why they play. This piece of advice does not apply to private games in a warehouse or somebody's cellar.

IN front of The Cameras AND other players it's possible to Get Opposing
poker players to Play recklessly or "LOOSE" when you have a good hand.

In the parlance of the trade this is called playing on tilt. You can do it very easily when you win two or more pots from the same player especially if they are decent sized pots. An easy way to do it, is to target one specific player and raise his socks off. Do it three times in a row and I guarantee you won't need any NLP or aura reading.

And once again.

Wouldn't it be Fantastic if we could SEE opposing players auras Change
as they switch over into the GREED ENERGY Mode we put them into?

The only answer to that is a resounding hell yes it would be fantastic. Here's an easy way to see opposing players auras and not even know you are doing it. Watch them as they bet. Understand their pattern of play. If they have a good hand, they'll bet a certain amount or a little over it every time. If they have a poor hand, they'll either just call or raise a small amount. The good players do this then change their pattern. That's the guys who'll take your money every time if you aren't watching. But, and this is a big but, I'd like to have the added advantage of aura reading. I'm sure the aura changes colors based on the type of hand they have. I like Eric's idea of listening to their aura. Energy does speak and if you listen you should be able to hear it.
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