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Old May 16, 2016, 02:57 PM
ascendedmind ascendedmind is offline
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Default Re: For me, it is hard for the one man band to critique the dotting of the i at THE OSU..

Gordon, let me clarify. My conversations/questions were very brief with Harvey.

I would always ask for permission as I knew he did not like wasting his time. I had to rely on my intuition. This was not done within a short period of time but over a span of 30 years!

What's amazing is Harvey appears to be the same & sounds the same as if he did not even age. His mindset & philosophy reminds me of an old wise spiritual business sage with great perception & practicality.

All the successful businessman I knew loved business, but their lifestyle seemed all work & no play. Some worked w/o any sleep for days. They were absolutely driven, but many paid with damaged health & costly divorces.

George Haylings, remember him? Wrote & sold reports about unique & unusual businesses via classified & display ads. This guy lived the life in Southern Cal.

What I learned from reading & studying these marketing masters is how to live & create a lifestyle w/o getting rich & still be happy! No to many people can do this w/o getting bog down with debt & stress.

I live a very simple stress free life, but the cost of living has forced me to reexamine & restructure everything so I can still live the way I desire.

I'm amazed at how most the successful businessmen I once knew have either died or have aged rapidly (20 or more years beyond) including others with wage slave jobs.

Jay is there any question you would like me to ask Harvey? I don't want to assume your relationship with him. If I ask by phone he always answers any question I have. & No, I don't talk with him on a regular basis. But he does seem to remember me when ever I do call!

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

are just imperfect men like the rest of us... as reflected in the challenges of our ever day life.
"That's a fact Jack".

When I had my golf shop in Hudson, OH, I was surrounded by dozens of Entrepreneurs and so-called "self-made" successes, many millionaires.

Being a Question Oriented Person, I often traded lessons, equipment for their business 'SECRETS', which they all had.

Didn't take this QOP long to figure out, some of these guys were just in the right place at the right time, they sold their companies to a bigger company. Sure, they were making mid six figures a year, but they became millionaires only by having what a deep pocket company wanted. Good for them and buying and selling businesses is a strategy we often discuss here.

So, I had to delve deeper and learn to discern which of the 'secrets' were useful to me, including their personal philosophies.

I'm more suited to a Gary Halbert/Harvey Brody strategy of NO employees or limited number, and I like the one man band approach they have offered as ONE template to follow. Also, family was very important to me, which gives me a tendency NOT to spend a lot of time on the strategies of the child free 'guru'. There are scores of IMers who don't worry about a family, some could (and have) lived in a tent. They never had the responsibilities of a family, so they were free to fail faster, which often led to faster success.Then this: as 4 examples; Ben Suarez, Rick Suarez, Rod Napier and Burt Morgan became some of the largest non hospita//university employers in Northeast OH.

Literally BILLIONS of dollars have been circulated because of the JOBS they offered. They had employees. NOT a good thing for ME and other one man bands...

But hundreds of employees. Combined, several thousand employees.

Ben built his company for friends and family. SCI has been a life saver to hundreds of people who were employees of the company.

MILLIONS of dollars were spent in the Akron-Canton area and hundreds of businesses were glad of it. Burt Morgan put thousands of people to work with the businesses he founded or co-founded. The affluent area of Hudson, OH was made even more so thanks to Burt.

When I walked the plush fairways of local country clubs LISTENING to the successful men and women, I maintained a perspective.

At THE Ohio State University, they have one of the Preeminent bands in college. The ritual of dotting the i, is a gift often bestowed upon successful alumni.

Perhaps, the one man band can see ways in which he would do it differently, maybe even more efficiently or effectively...

but then, the halftime shows would look pretty, pretty, pretty silly if we only watched the one man parading around the field, banging his own drum and tooting his own horn.

As a Question Oriented Person myself, a trained observer, keen on winnowing the best of all strategies which suit me...I often will listen, but may put some of the ideas up on the shelf, because they don't suit me...

nor my imperfections.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. If you are conversing with Harvey, why are you asking us questions?
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