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Old April 14, 2017, 08:45 PM
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Default Delve in? You want a Network of ready buyers?

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
Thank you for the very detailed response.

I'm trying to delve into Barter/Trade applying tips I learned from The Chattel Report and BJ Fuller's Barter Secrets.

My expected positive end-result is to have a network of ready buyers so deals get easier to flip/cash-convert.

I must admit: my thinking has not be as structured as you outlined.

- No clear pre-flight checklist
- Not "looking for barking dogs before you encounter them…all this before you take off"

So all I've done so far is send out cold emails based on the "Mr Feldbush Script" on page 39 of The Chattel Report. Good response rate, more like "Yeah, we'll get back to you".

Now I see that I didn't factor follow-up into my plans. So I just let things sit there. My bad.

So NO network of buyers built, which -by my estimation- is a CRUCIAL part of the barter/trade game.

The problem is: maybe I've had a lot of misguided optimism about how things would pan out. I got ZERO response to the suggested ads in the BJ Fuller book, asking for excess inventory. Again, I didn't factor in that ads may bomb and there could be the need to tweak things, brainstorm options...

Please what else do you think I'm missing?

Yea, I'm seeing your "misguided optimism". I can't speak to anything in the BJ Fuller book, unfamiliar to me.

So, first this:

It appears you want to chattel, so how many bike shops, music stores, antique and collectible shops, used appliance stores, have you actually gone into and looked around and introduced yourself to the owner?

I want to keep this thread on the Harvey Brody thinking process. So, some of this answer may not apply.

I don't see a clear view from the rooftop? Only a cloudy or foggy idea. It doesn't seem to be clearly defined. Are you trying to chattel? Barter?

What is the end financial goal here?

So right up front, maybe you have to define what your outcome is going to be. Say, one year from today, what income would you want, and HOW is it going to come to you? What does your work day look like?

There are "networks" and then there are NETWORKS. A network of musical instruments, both supply and demand, could be local high school band directors and music stores. Evergreen and constant, but relatively low profit per transaction.

A network of sellers of heavy equipment or Farm Equipment where the transaction could get into tens of thousands of dollars, albeit fewer sales.

Joe Karbo belonged to a group (network) of BOAT/YACHT enthusiasts where the transaction was 6, 7 and even 8 figures. Fewer transactions still, but only a couple a year puts one in "high Egyptian cotton".

Do you have a current specialty, knowledgeable about anything? If not this is where experts come in, watch some you tube videos of the Pawn Stars, see how they use experts.

Harvey Brody is a pocket watch aficionado, he would know his Patek Philippe from a Timex, not me, but I have a guy right down the street who could tell me and if I made a yard sale or Flea Market discovery (as Harvey did) I'd probably have an instant partner to flip it, see?

I personally wouldn't respond to an email. I want to know who I'm dealing with, I am not surprised email isn't working for you, probably need an active site or Facebook group for someone to look at.

Facebook buy and sell groups are popular, maybe find one in your neck of the woods?

But back to the thinking. What airport or city are you flying too? (Metaphorically).

If for example, you want to build a 10,000 buck a month biz by next year, what would that look like? How many transactions would you need to make? Assuming you'll be doing low, medium and hopefully some High profit deals, what would that look like?

Not sure what kind of research you need to do, use other people's expertise (barter for it or pay em).

Can you sketch out what a month, a year from now, might look like? What would a typical day be? What would you be DOING? Just putting deals together? With who?

So again, your TRANSACTIONS have some of the answers you need. Say you find a few thousand to 5k dollar bikes and want to flip them...the guy you meet TODAY in your hometown, could be the guy next year who makes it happen in a day.

I doubt seriously you'll meet this guy via email. Maybe? But I wouldn't bet on it.

When I wrote, almost 10 years ago now, that Harvey had SUPERIOR THINKING, this is because he spends the time BEFORE he gets involved to figure things out, so when he is ready, he has the answers he needs.

Now most don't want or need to go this deep into something, but his record is hard to beat, thinking takes time, but he has it down pat, and the metaphors he used with Dien, myself and others, is how he is able to make his point.

Had Dien found out about the dogs on Elm street, he may not have sent all those toasters half way round the world. HA!

I think you need to THINK your project through, or take the DO IT route and hope for the best.

No right or wrong, but there is effective effort and there is wheel spinning, and Harvey Brody doesn't get into wheel spinning. Just sayin.

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