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Old January 6, 2018, 08:18 PM
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Default Why I don't consider this selling.

Originally Posted by TommyBoy View Post
Gordon, let me chime in here since I don't do it often.

There's selling and there's work. Two different animals in my opinion. Yes, selling is and can be work but they're not always the same. With selling comes rejection, which *can* go to the core of a person's self-worth and confidence. Sure, it's easy to say they're not rejecting you, but that's not how most would view it.

We all know people who are born sales people. They can sell and not think anything of it. My BIL is like that. He has no qualms about going into a business, introducing himself, and trying to get an appointment.

I had another friend in a singing group who was confident he could get us a National Anthem gig for an Major League baseball team (even though He knew no one in the front office). That would terrify me. Singing in front of that audience wouldn't terrify me; making the calls and contacts to get the gig would.

For me, I look at it and say, where do I begin? I am fairly good at small talk and can joke with anybody at any time (and pretty good with Customer Service people on the phone), but as soon as the talk turns to anything I might want out of the person (such as a name of a person or sales), the alarms go up. I'm certain that can be learned and be as natural as joking with people. I'm not there yet.

So, I can interact with people on the phone and in person, but when it's sales oriented, there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I'm sure it's a mental / psychological thingy/block going on.

So, while I'm sure I've persuaded people I know on ideas I've had or software I've used that could help them, approaching total strangers and convincing them is a whole different ball of wax.

You say "pretty easy sales pitch." Sure, for someone who's sold all his life, it may very well be very easy, but for us nonsales folks, maybe not.

Having said that, I am about ready to apply some of the methods in the Headlights Cleaning Manual to fly low and collect the dough. Because of current circumstances, I may NEED to do that soon. I've been wanting to do it for a while now but have been procrastinating. Even approaching used car dealers and letting them know what I'm about is, as you would say, "pretty easy sales pitch." They either want it or they don't. I get that but there's still a block.

Thanks for keeping up the forum, Gordon.

Thank You TommyBoy, you are absolutely right.

With this thing, you TELL them what you have for sale on the phone. THEN, you ask if you can stop in to see it for themselves. You have their permission, and what you show them is the PROOF it could do as you say.

At that point, it becomes either a NOT today, thanks or HOW MUCH. If you get a NOT today, you simply ask for permission to contact them in the future, so they can see the results they chose not to do.

For me, and from my 10 year old self, selling begins when the customer says NO. In this case, the NO is never about the salesman, it is about the timing of the product being seen.

Now, sure, some salespeople who have gotten beyond the rejection phase, then this becomes a 2k a week deal. The 800-1000 is tested and proven to be done by, making phone calls, maybe 20 -30 a day, getting 4 to 6 "come on over" and doing that during the work week.

Truthfully, you'll be doing much more selling with a Headlight Cleaning biz, unless you have on street parking in your city and there are a lot of cars within walking distance, then use my little postcard in the window marketing...they call you, there is NO selling.

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