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Old January 13, 2018, 03:51 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Celebrating Progress Attracting $ to Pay My Car Insurance Bill

Thanks Dien - Gordon,

"Celebrating Progress Attracting $ to Pay My 606.10 Car Insurance Bill"

Without looking at my Car Insurance Bill We decided to Attract
500 bucks.

Lotto tipped 11.00 to a couple waitresses. Made a Competition of it.
Because a waiter named Larry had won 5.00 the previous week.

When I got Home I had an OUT-OF-THE-BLUE Email from Carl...

Carl said, "I am Looking to get your "Make Yourself Great Again W/Women"
program from you after I get Back From Greece."

Then Carl Suddenly Bought it BEFORE Going to Greece.

11.00 X 10X = 110.00

Carl UNEXPECTEDLY Sent me 138.97

(EDITORS NOTE - How do we KNOW for Sure We Attracted This Moolah?
Because I myself did not make the s*ale. A Total Surprise. And Based on my
Personal Experience - Surprise moolah Falling from the SKY stops DEAD when
You Quit P*aying-it-Forward and saying the Affirmation.)

400.00 to go.

Gotta Give Away More Moolah.

So I Spent 30.32 to Send a Case of Confetti Cannons to Barb in Oregon.

Barb Gives a Lot of MLM Speeches to Large Audiences.

MY Email and Her Reply....

[li]Thanks Barb,[/li]
[li]I am sure you too have noticed it takes a Bigger[/li]
[li]HAMMER to get audiences to FOCUS.[/li]
[li]I think i have your address.[/li]
[li]I'll Send you a case of Confetti Cannons [/li]
[li]to make sure you get the right ones.[/li]
[li]There are a Lot of less effective options.[/li]

On January 10, 2018, at 7:22 PM, Barb wrote:

"Wow thank you!!!! Oh, i LOVE this idea! I'll be doing it in March! Thanks for
the idea, I'll try to film it for you!"


(EDITORS NOTE - Remember that "The Munny Magnet Game" is to Look for
SURPRISE Munny that sort of falls from the Sky Unexpectedly. And often this
takes a few days - or even a week - to Manifest.)

But THIS TIME I was watching a movie. Checked my email at 11Pm
that same night. And CHA-CHING.

We Have Not Spoken to Richard in California for 6 Months...




How's the weather out there?

...Things are ok with work. I made a few thousand last month. I haven't forgotten I still owe you $600+

I had a pretty shocking experience a month ago. I was using Hemi-Sync technology which facilitated astral projection.
In my astral body I looked at my wall that I keep my loans and loans to-be pinned on and

Within THE HOUR, a client I cold called whom I had met in person,
who rejected my offer months ago, called me and asked me if I was still doing loans.

...Manifestation works.

I'm doing a stated income loan for him now. It'll be a hefty check.



"Thanks For Emailing Me Richard,

"Always HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to get moolah from you Richard.



"Can you send me a Paypal link for $333?



Let's Add This up.

We gave Away 11.00 and 30.00 - Total of 41.00

We Attracted 138.00 and 333.00 = 471.00


A little MORE than 10X my 41.00 in P-AY-IT-FORWARD munny.

THEN We Opened our Car Insurance Bill.


Gotta Go B*uy Some More LOTTO Tickets.



P.S. - You might be able to Tell that I'm Still AMAZED and DELIGHTED
at this process. GOBSMACKED that one of many thousands of TESTS we've done
over the years MAKES MUNNY - Consistently.

WHICH IS WHY We went to quite a bit of effort to Show you some of the
Details of what happened in the moolah attraction process THIS TIME.

Yes, It's WEIRD.

But - You - Will - (Probably) NEVER - Find - All - The - Details on how to
MAKE Moolah this way - elsewhere. We've looked.

(EDITORS NOTE - However - if You Are Using something Similar. Or know of
a different, but successful, way to ATTRACT MUNNY. Email me so we can
Mad Scientist TEST it out! [email protected]

Last edited by Dien Rice : January 14, 2018 at 09:50 PM. Reason: perfectionist; formatting
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