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Old March 6, 2019, 08:37 PM
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Default A word about Harvey Brody and my "interpretations" of his concepts.

Interpretations. Indeed!

Mr. Brody is very rare in the realm of successful businessmen. He has been very generous with his time, not only to Dien and me, but to many others too.

I know of other SowPubbers who have spoken with Harvey over the years and he has shared his wisdom and advice freely. Dien and I just happen to have the public forum, where for almost 20 years now, we've discussed many Harvey Brody methods.

I am very lucky, a fortunate man in my having had several great Mentors, which I wrote about in NECTAR OF THE MASTERS. I do regard Mr. Brody as the top shelf person I've had the privilege to confer with and learn from, he isn't alone at the top of my shelf.

Each of my mentors has made significant contribution to my lifetime of education. Also, I don't "cut and paste" from any of them. To me, that is an act of plagiarism and being a word artist and all, have great respect for other people's Intellectual Property.

So, if you have Brody's course, or have spoken to him directly about his course, you may see some variations on what he wrote and what I post.

If interested here is a link to one of his courses available at eBay:

Dien and I had/have all of his courses and most of his published work.

But what you read here is my take, my interpretation, my understanding based not only on the written materials but the many hours of recorded talks I did a decade ago.

And truthfully, as great as all that old stuff is, and it still stands the test of time as concepts go...he told me then, as I'm sure he would tell me today...

What he KNOWS today, is 10X more powerful than what he knEw when he wrote and published those courses. And what he will know tomorrow will be even more powerful than what he knows today, that is the way he rolls.

So the GEARS. I'll give examples from my own life activities.

FIRST GEAR. Me teaching golf. One to one. In half hour and hour increments at the local course or range. Very first gear, albeit, profitable for me at the time, and enjoyable.

Another 1st gear: Me delivering singing telegrams one at a time.

OR me doing a resume while one person sat across the table. Or me calling on businesses to advertise on my daily special menu boards.

First gear is all one to one transactions, and is the slowest way of making money. Most reading this may be stuck in first gear and new people to the forum, it may be a first time contact with the concept. They just don't know about gears.

SECOND GEAR. Me doing clinics at the range with 7 to 10 people. Same amount of time I might have spent with one person, only now I'm getting 7 times the income. OR, hiring students from Akron U and Kent State to deliver my singing telegrams for me, a smaller profit for me, but many X the number. It is one way to leverage your time and make more money. With resumes, it was handing off some of the work to other writers, for a small cut. See?

THIRD GEAR. Me making recordings, like my cassettes and cd's: THINK AND REACH PAR and HOW TO PLAY AN UNKNOWN COURSE. And selling them via ads in newspapers or magazines.

FOURTH GEAR. Me selling audio programs in bulk to retail outlets or other remote direct marketers.

FIFTH GEAR. Me licensing the audio programs to other pros, a private label program they could custom tailor.

SIXTH GEAR. Me setting up golf training franchises or dealerships.

SEVENTH GEAR. Being the accrediting agency for expertise.

Few people ever get out of first gear, but you will find the more successful marketers are in the 3rd, 4th and fifth gears of their operations. There are a couple of other advanced gears, but I don't have any first hand experience with the doing of those, so safe to assume, I'm not going to include them here.

Harvey was in the Air Force. So many of his methods have airplane metaphors. Chocks are the big blocks of wood put beneath the plane's tires to keep it from rolling. Only when the pre flight checklist has been completed and everything checked off, can you 'KICK OUT THE CHOCKS' and taxi down the runway to takeoff.

And the PRE FLIGHT checklist is the LAST thing you do before you take off, which implies there are other steps that lead up to that moment. One of the first might be knowing how to fly the dang thozing? BOZ (Bud Riggs, a crop dusting pilot for 25 years) used to tell me he never crashed a plane, although he had been in several which did fall from the sky. Today, the easy to get license given by not very well trained instructors, gives us a plane wreck a day.

With the HARVEY BRODY METHODS, the whole point is to prepare and execute a great flight, being ready and prepared to handle anything that comes up, including loss of engines like both The BOZ and Capt. Sully (of US Airways Flight 1549) were able to do.

In business, you never know when you will be flying through a flock of screaming birds.


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