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May 6, 2019, 08:52 PM
Thanks Gordon...

One thing I liked is that this is not just a summary. It includes some of your insights - like the connection between Robert Cialdini "Pre-Suasion" and Blair Warren...

I love it, and will keep it close, especially for sales and copywriting... :)


Best wishes,


P.S. Will email you more later... :)

Thanks Dien, I'll have the pdf up later this week.

I made a rough hand written version for myself, because I would sometimes forget the basics...and so having something on me, which I could tuck in a pocket, and read right before I went in to talk to someone...

Kept me focused on me being the STIMULUS. So, I cleaned it up, typed it, and will test different versions, albeit, all of them 16 pages, now that I have my template ready.

If you notice any spelling (grammar I don't care about) or something you feel needs changed, please let me know.

Once you read the pdf, the Pocket Pro will serve as a reminder service. Some of them may have a laminated card too, to make notes on with dry eraser markers.

Thanks for reading it.


PS. Will have a color edition too, right now, printing on colored heavier stock.

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