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May 8, 2019, 02:29 PM

Just a couple head's up:

1. You have 2 page 3's. The one titled "Total Conscious Awareness" should be page 13. It's the flip side of page 14, "Help Them Cross The Bridge."

2. Those printing with auto-duplex printers, like my Epson, need to print in Landscape mode. Otherwise half of the pages will be upside down. I learned the hard way. :-) See update below

I haven't finished assembling the pocket guide but after a cursory look at it I must say you did a great job of organizing it. Of course, Sowpubbers have come to expect no less from you.

Roger P

Update: What worked for me once didn't work the second time. Therefore, directions for printing duplex (2-sided) may vary from printer to printer.

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