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May 19, 2019, 12:42 PM
Thanks Gordon,

(This might seem to be OFF YOUR TOPIC a Bit Gordon. But When you Flirt Tip
Using The DIRECTIONS BELOW. You Will Find Yourself Getting a Bit More Excited
And P*AYING IT FORWARD more often. Because Your Flirt-Results Are
UNPREDICTABLE. Uncertain. So This
Might be a FUN way to INTENSIFY Your Positive Emotions. With the GOAL of
Practicing the ***Golden Rule of Reciprocity*** REGULARLY. Give to Get.)

As You Know We have a Self Made B*illionaire Watching Club.

We Recently Found HERDS (More than a dozen) of Billionaires
Adding LEGAL DRUGS to their Biz Ventures.

Food You Cannot Stop Eating - (Brain Chemicals)
WackyWeed (Which I Predict will be Legalized in Every State Cuz the Taxes on
a TRILLION D*ollars are too good for the Gummn't to pass up.)

I Did some Research on B. F Skinner and His "Skinner Box" Pigeon and Rat
Experiments - from the 1940's and 50s..

After 1000's of Tests Skinner Discovered a Simple way to TRIGGER MASSIVE
EMOTIONS in Test animals. Make Pigeons Peck the REWARD BUTTON 15 Times
a Second for 10 Hours. Make Rats GO BERSERK
hitting the Food Button.


As Gomer Pyle used to say...


Casino's use Skinners Discovery to ADDICT people
State Lottery - Same
Fortnite - Uses It too. F-r-e-e Video Game that made 2.4 B*illion in 2018

ALL Use Skinners Idea
to Trigger "Arousal" in the LIMBIC BRAIN.

Mad testing Scientist That
I Am I've Started Golden Rule
The Skinner Principle.

RATHER THAN TELL YOU Skinner's Big Discovery.

I'm Going to SHOW YOU
How to Experience it Yourself.


Recipe Ingredients:

#1 - Get a few 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets

#2 - Get a Small Bag of Chocolate M & M's - or Chocolate Kisses

#3 - Get Some 1.00 Bills

#4 - Get Some Flashing LED Glasses (Amazon.com - cheaper than 1.00 each)

LINK - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KTJZV64/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

#5 - Get a pack of Fake Munny with Donald Trumps Face on it (amazon)

LINK - https://www.amazon.com/Ross-Company-Donald-President-Billion/dp/B06ZZ3VG8N/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=donald+trump+money&qid=1558279768&s=toys-and-games&sr=1-4


To Trigger The SKINNER-EFFECT. Alternate The Legal Drug Tips
with the Non-Drug-Tips. Like so...

Step I - When Waiter or Waitress Appears YOU ASK, "Is it Ok if I Start Tipping You Now? Before The meal?"

(They always say, "YES".

Step II - You Hold Up Two Legal Drugs in The Waitress Face. Lotto ticket in one hand. Chocolate Kisses in the other hand. Then say, "Which one do you WANT
as a Tip?"

Step III - She Picks one. Then Leaves and Comes Back with Ice Water.

Step IV - You are Now Holding Up A Lotto Ticket And Donald Trump
Funny munny. And You Say, "Pick One as A Tip."

Step V - She Chooses One. Goes away and Returns with Your Soup or Salad.

Step VI - You Now Hold Up a LOTTO Ticket and the LED BLINKING
Plastic Glasses. "You say, "Please Pick One."

The Longer
You Do This.

The Bigger and Wider The EFFECT.


Your Waitress Starts Smiling and Skipping back and forth to the Kitchen.

Because -

YES - Brothers and Sisters - CHURCHES Use This Too.

Will Influence Your Waiter, Other Wait Staff, Men, Women, Children at
nearby Tables, the manager. And A Cook or Two May Show Up too.

By Alternating LEGAL DRUGS
with Other Tips You Are Activating the Limbic Brain PLEASURE Center.

Arousing and Pumping Endorphins
into Your Waiters (And Watchers) Brains.

How CASINO's do it - Machines always come up ONE LEMON Short of a Win

LOTTO tickets - You Only Miss By One

Fortnite - When You Lose a Battle. Your Opponent ONLY BEATS YOU by a hair.
Each and Every time. Has only 1% of his "Health" Remaining. So you Try Again. LOOK UP and it's 5Am)


P.S. - I use this as SELF DEFENSE and REVENGE on Tightwad Restaurant owners.

AND to Get MORE FOOD. I ordered Asparagus Recently And Ended Up Paying
ONE DOLLAR PER SPEAR! 3 Bites of Applesauce for 3 bucks. Tiny portions.

So Now I Ask, "How many Cooks In The Kitchen today?

Send 3 LOTTO tickets Back with the Waitress. And Involve The Cooks In The

RESULT? Big Piles of food on each plate!

Not Always. The Results are UNCERTAIN. But Often.

SERVICE from 2, 3 , 4, 5 Waitresses and Waiters. AND the manager.

PEOPLE At Nearby Tables JUST
START TALKING to you like a Friend of 20 years.

P.P.S. - Email me (Rentamentor@gmail.com ) Your Results and I'll Share OUR NEWEST RESULTS.

Thanks Glenn.

For me, you always arrive just in the nick of time. I wanted 16 PictoGrigms to do the work of 1,000 books, as far as imparting useful, practical, applicable information.

I think maybe 8 will work. What is missing from the POA of the SQ1 (Plan of Action from Square One Workshops) ARE the people.

From a starting point of vision, to belief, to action and adjustment, we don't see the interactions with others which have to take place on our journey from here (today) to there, the goal arrived at.

We know from the POP, the PictoGrigm of PERSUASION of the Pre-occupations (PO), and the knowledge we bring with us.

The intersection is fluid, and calls for the rope-a-dope of a Muhammad Ali with the tap dancing of James Cagney. The fancy footwork of distraction.

So, now I have applied operant conditioning to add to the mix. Which I think will NOW be focus of studies of success.

We don't live in a vacuum and our success, or goals come true, except for hermits in the woods, ala Thoreau...

so our interactions with others must be one key factor.

Maybe a bell and a Kiss for the symbol? Or a bell and a chocolate bar to avoid all TM problems.

Thanks Glenn, just what I needed.


PS. Harvey Brody uses the metaphor of a giant magnet under the table to control the iron filings we SEE on top of the table, and your covert use of practical psychological ploys does work just as well on those doing BIG deals, where millions of dollars exchange hands...as they do to fill your stomach to your heart's content.

I have to incorporate OC (operant conditioning) into the PictoGrigms.

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