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Dien Rice
June 1, 2019, 02:40 AM
***J. K. Rowling - Has 100's of Word Picture Scenes that Follow a
Powerful Pattern. Harry wakes up in Bed. Mother knocks on door. Harry puts on
His Glasses. Step Mom UNLOCKS Bolted Door. StepBrother Jumps up and down
on the Steps over Harry's Head. Plaster and Dust fall on Harry.

Starting with a "Normal" SHARED EXPERIENCE that escalates to a SHOCKING Realization. Harry is Locked in a Closet under the Stairs!

2 B*illion
TRIAL (Invented by the Husband and Wife team)
CLOSE imitates what J. K. Rowling does...

1st - You ask a "Normal" Question. "Do you want more munny?

2nd - Normal Question - "Do You want Me to do all the work?

3rd - Shared Experience - Have heard it before Question: "Do you know
others who want more munny too?

4th - Normal Question- "Can you Help me make a list?

5th - Normal Q - "You Know these people. Have called them before. Can
You call they Again? Then hand ME the Phone?

6th - Normal Experience Question. "You have been on a Phone Conf Call
Before, right?

7th - MILD SHOCK QUESTION - (UNASKED But Loud Question) "You will LOOK BAD to Your Friends. And NOT make any munny TO BOOT - if you don't sign up for this Biz Opportunity.

Truly elegant.

We do this all the time
on behalf of Clients.

Glenn Osborn
M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

P.S. - 99% of people are TOO SHY to contact me. So I'll make this offer. Knowing that Nobody will take me up on it.

Email me (Rentamentor@gmail.com) and NO CHARGE - I'll help you Customize this idea for Your Situation. Your Business. Your Job. It works For MLM. And any other Situation too (Every Industry I've tried so far) - where You are asking others to P*ay you munny.
Again, love the Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling example, and how to apply it!

(Gee, maybe I should finally read those Harry Potter books!)

There's gold in all your writings and teachings, Glenn!

I really should keep a big fat notebook of everything I learn from you... (I do have various notes I've jotted down, in an online file, that I read through when I need some stimulation!)

Thanks again for sharing! :)


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