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May 23, 2019, 11:22 AM
Thanks Glenn... I had read about BF Skinner's "uncertainty" experiment - but I had forgotten about it (until you mentioned it)!

This approach is ingenious!

Man, I love how your mind thinks...

I'm going to think of more ways one can use this...

(It's a little harder in Australia, I think, because we don't have a "tipping culture" here... People don't usually tip...)

Best wishes!


From Glenn's post:

Activating the Limbic Brain PLEASURE Center.

Arousing and Pumping Endorphins
into Your Waiters (And Watchers) Brains.

Surprise. The hypothalamus part of the limbic system is the home of the four F's, flee, freeze, fight or fornicate, although some have food/feed in their five.

We are wired to notice the different. The unusual. It causes a quick, momentary FREEZE of our stimuli process during the assessment, done in nano seconds...

Once the assessment has been made, FRIENDLY, fun, then it begins the brain pump. Distraction was one of the key elements used by hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Frank Rudolph Young taught the technique of FDB, feeling divinely blissful while projecting the THOUGHT picture through the eyes directly into other people.

Put a big red nose on at night time and approach someone in a menacing position, you'll see quite the opposite effect. The prop needs context.

You can use it to surprise people, for instance, the band...with a sort of combination raggae/calypso and island type sound, is different from what one might think the band is...the PLEASANT surprise.

Watch the audition


And see the SURPRISE which set the groundwork for the winner.

In order to USE it, in everyday life, one has to bring conscious awareness of it, and a predetermined use.

I too, love how Glenn incorporates these things into his routines.

Great stuff.


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