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May 9, 2019, 09:46 AM
Aphantasia is when one does not possess a "mind's eye" and cannot visualize.

Yet, in the arcane archives of Magik, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, The Secret, etc., etc. the subject is about 95% of the HOW TO.

See yourself as you want to be. Cut out pictures and visualize yourself driving that new car, living in that ocean front beach house, imagine you getting the reward, the dough, the girl.

In sports, like in golf or basketball, SEE yourself hitting the perfect shot, visualize the ball going in (Maxwell Maltz famous example from Psycho-Cybernetics, players actually shooting foul shots vs. ones who VISUALIZED).

BUT, for some of us, we can't visualize. It isn't new, was a condition written about by Francis Galton in 1880, the word is new...we didn't have aphantasia back in the day, we just had "CAN'T VISUALIZE".

Some of this might be to emotional blockage, or it may be just how your brain functions.

IF you have problems seeing things in your mind's eye, there is a round about...another way, and that is to FLOOD your brain with positive energy.

And FEEL, rather than see.

Usually, only sociopaths or psychopaths lack feelings. The rest of us, well, we live a lot of our life wrapped around how we feel.

Now there are some techniques and methods for helping one to visualize things, maybe VR (virtual reality) will be a good choice.

Real Estate is using more and more 360 degree movies, so you can walk into a house and look around as if you were there.

Back to manifesting. Your future. Guess where it begins?

You get a cookie if you said, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND WHY.

If you can't SEE things, either in your future or in your past, you can evoke feelings, which are the real keys to it all...and the big LAW of so-called manifestation is to see it as it already exists.

Maxwell Maltz gave some good ideas.

Frank Rudolph Young taught FDB, feel divinely blissful. Hundreds of others have given us tools of the manifestation trade.

If you suffer from aphantasia, then dream boards may come in handy, and a technique to FLOOD your brain with the right chemical formula, ON DEMAND, and as the need arises. We already have the FREEZE, FLEE OR FIGHT reaction built into us. With PRACTICE, YOU can flood your brain with other chemicals which make life easier.

One way is to have a reminder, something like a POCKET GUIDE, or better yet, a "coach" in your pocket to help you release the feelings you need at the right moment. If only there were such a thing, eh?


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