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February 4, 2020, 12:32 AM
Thanks Gordon,

It takes a Lot More to Grab Attention
than it used to!

(I got this idea from the CEO of T-Mobile - John Legere)

#1 - Guaranteed ATTENTION - Thank Reward Confetti Cannon.


#2 - WARN the Secretary The CANNON is coming. And offer to send her
the Page of

"Confetti Cannon Safety Directions"

Based on Your Own Experiences.


Shooting confetti on the roof by mistake.

Bank Manager MAD at me. Husband shot it off in House. SHE HAD TO CLEAN UP.

#3 - Receptionist - Secretary URGENTLY gives me her Email address.

#4 - I Send a Thank You Note to Her Boss. Which contains a page of 7 Figure ideas SIMILAR to What his Website says they ALREADY do.


Entertain Receptionist and Secretaries
until they Hand the Phone to Their Boss and Say, "Here. He sent The CASE of Confetti Cannon to YOU."

YOU TALK to Him While he or she is Smiling and Laughing.

#5 - Appointment to Discuss which of page of 7 Figure Ideas he wants
to know more about.


P.S. - I got 5 New Clients in 14 days with this idea.

Just S*old a Copy of the "Confetti Cannon APPOINTMENT GETTING SYSTEM to a Eye Doctor in Australia. Who wants to get appointments with Shooting club Managers. And Golf Club CEO's.

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