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February 3, 2020, 11:12 AM
Let's talk transactions. The exchange of value, moolah, things, ideas...but mostly money.

You want money. Eh?

First thing, from WHOM? And how much? What will you give or exchange for receiving this money? You know, basic stuff, right?

All transactions begin with getting attention. And it is getting harder by the day. OH, we can get it easily enough, any given day 1001 things will get our BRIEF attention, but to enable a transaction, you must keep their attention, long enough to get to the exchange.

The complete micro-mini course goes like this:

You must create a way to gain attention, mainly via a PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTER. A brick through their front window sort of thing. Then you hold and keep their attention until they DO what you want. Mostly BUY from you.

But few go back to the brick in the hand before it gets tossed through the glass. What exactly is the preoccupation you are breaking? And how can you then resonate with person once you have interrupted them?

The effective way to get a sale, or a transaction, is to be in synch, in harmony with the person's state of mind regarding a given thought, or some would argue problem.

As I wrote 25 years ago, Alert them to the dragon. Then introduce the dragon slayer. Or any number of variations. I also like to take them across the drawbridge into the castle where they get what they want, whatever that is.

Gaining attention is the vital first step. And it is mostly within your control.

Gaining and holding attention is the secret of mega successful writers like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. Or great copywriters or advertising people. Or salespeople.

Sales are lost when the attention is lost, and as often as not it is when it becomes less about them and their "dragon" and more about you and making a sale.

A good preoccupational interrupter will capture attention and resonate and flow into guided attention, like a ride at Disney, where the guide points out what you should look at, at the exact time something happens...when the dinosaur comes out of the wall, or the shark attacks the glass.

So, any comments?


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