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October 18, 2020, 10:37 AM
Pretty much what you had posted, the QOP HOTSHEET from Harvey Brody...

but here's a deal for our readers, if ANYONE wants to practice this: doing an interview, making a product from it, then I'm game for it.

If anyone wants to interview me, let me know what TOPICS, what would be the intent (and practice is OK), and if you were to market it, how, and and to whom.

Let me know.


Once you do an interview, you can add value to it with:

Checklists. Like the Copywriter's checklist (for copy writers), or the Launch Sequence checklists.

Or HOTSHEETS, especially graphics heavy, like the Hero's Journey for story tellers.

TIPS sheets, or booklets, my one piece of paper turned into a 16 page booklet as example, called a Pocket Pro in my line.

Add a bonus to your interview, and increase sales too.


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