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December 17, 2021, 12:18 PM
With all the imagination that a mind creates, there is still one thing that moves your thoughts and images forward...


You have got to believe what you are seeing in your mind's eye as possible.

I would think that as long as one is a sane person, if belief is present, then most things are possible. I say most because other variables are present too... You cannot believe for someone else... their will comes into the equation.

Start believing and following up with action.... then things happen.

Sure. For the past 20+ years my Square One Workshops have been available, and they are all about HOW to build belief and then take the action to manifest that belief.

There are other ways for the HOW, but I haven't found any as good.

This being the case, some, like our friend Richard Dennis, might argue that he never believed, yet was able to become successful just by, I guess, hard work. I remember his story about being a bus driver in Miami, then attending a Gary Halbert seminar, then went on to become a very good copywriter, sans the belief that he could.

I, however, agree that BELIEF is important, which is why I have never (yet) charged for the SQ1 workshops, they explain exactly how to build belief and plan for the eventual manifestation of that belief.


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