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Dien Rice
December 19, 2021, 05:25 PM
Hi Gordon,

I'm with you and Millard on this one...

Without belief, will most people have the staying power to keep at it till success is achieved?

Without belief, I think in most cases people will have that gnawing feeling...

Will this really work? Am I wasting my time? Maybe I should go catch up on the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and friends on "And Just Like That" instead?

But with belief, that can be fought... Yes, this WILL work! I don't need no "Sex and the City" sequel in my life!

They say perseverance is one of the keys to success!

AirBnB nowadays is worth around $100 billion dollars... But there were a lot of twists and turns along the way. The idea was basically a failure for its first 2 years...

They started out with the name and the idea - airbedandbreakfast.com ... And that's what it literally was. The idea was that people would literally put down an air mattress, and also offer breakfast...

That didn't take off.

Imagine if they had no belief. "Shucks, I can't do this..."

However, instead they decided to "pivot" and offer room-mate matching services... Only to find out that didn't work either.

Imagine without belief in their abilities... They'd throw their hands up and walk away...

But, they went back. They changed the name to AirBnB, and made it more flexible (didn't have to literally be an air mattress, didn't have to offer breakfast), they put in a rating feedback system, and around two years after they started...

It took off...

How 3 guys turned renting air mattresses in their apartment into a $31 billion company, Airbnb

You need belief in your own abilities! (Even though you may need to modify the idea here and there along the way!)

Best wishes,


Sure. For the past 20+ years my Square One Workshops have been available, and they are all about HOW to build belief and then take the action to manifest that belief.

There are other ways for the HOW, but I haven't found any as good.

This being the case, some, like our friend Richard Dennis, might argue that he never believed, yet was able to become successful just by, I guess, hard work. I remember his story about being a bus driver in Miami, then attending a Gary Halbert seminar, then went on to become a very good copywriter, sans the belief that he could.

I, however, agree that BELIEF is important, which is why I have never (yet) charged for the SQ1 workshops, they explain exactly how to build belief and plan for the eventual manifestation of that belief.


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