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June 21, 2022, 09:44 AM
Just over a decade ago, I got a very lucrative offer for the SQ1, but, after talking it over, and thinking about it...I declined the offer.

I have no doubt it would make a very good course, and could be very lucrative if it were SOLD, and at a high price, maybe get the respect it deserves.

Alas, like almost all FREE things, (as it was a gift TO me, it must remain a gift FROM me), when people don't pay, they tend not to use it, apply it, or respect it.

See Cialdini; Committment and Consistency.

And over the last two decades, I have seen here and around the Internet, most people don't know how to ask the right questions, about anything really.

The right question, asked to the RIGHT person, is a powerful force...as you and I have experienced with Harvey Brody for example.

And the SQ1, being unable to ask, has all the answers you need. I've yet to have anyone from the thousands exposed to it, challenge the premise put forth. There is the part of RESPONSIBILITY which trips up many a well intentioned soul.

I don't know of anyone, who has done all 12 Master PictoGrigms in their own handwriting.

And it makes all the difference in the world, because what makes the SQ1 so different from the ONE SIZE FITS ALL worlds of Tony Robbins et al, is the SQ1 becomes a ONE OF A KIND tool, custom created by and for the person doing it.

That is where the connection is made, normally in the $$$$ arena, when they build that bridge from here to there over the chasm of despair and destitution.

It CLICKS. It makes sense. The fog is lifted, and they can then proceed with deeper understanding and at remarkable speed too.

The SQ1 only asks you to answer two simple questions: What do you want? And WHY?

Gordon doodling my way to NFT fame and fortune??

Thanks Gordon for sharing your method!

I love the doodling idea!

I agree that you probably access other deep recesses of your mind by handwriting and doodling...

We (as humans) have been handwriting and doodling for thousands of years, but we've only been typing for maybe 100 years, so it probably accesses some ancient parts of your brain!

Also, thanks, I hadn't made the connection to the Square One Workshops... It makes a lot of sense! :)

Thanks again... More doodling for me in the future! (Which is fun, too!) :)

- Dien

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