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June 29, 2022, 09:57 PM
Thanks Dien/Gordon,

When You Sit Down with Pen and Paper.

Write a list of Money Making Ideas for A specific Person. Someone You Know. Talk to. A Friend - A Prospect - A Client.

***Something MAGICAL Happens.***

One Mentor - Calls This "Prayer or Focusd Thought."

2nd Mentor - Got A Call and was Hired to do a Kids TV show. Wrote his INTENTION Down. Repeated it all night instead of sleeping. The Producer PHONED HIM in The Morning 8 am.


FIRST TIME this Happened to me.

I was Thinking of ways to Help ED - Make More Money in his Real Estate Business. 3/4 down the page.


This Is Pretty Interesting.

I Like to Write Down Specific Ideas - In PEN - Which ADAPT
Ideas For a Person - BEFORE I call them.

IF They Know You.

Often - The Phone will RING and They say something like, "I was Thinking About You. Thought I'd Call."


This has Happened 8 Different Times with a Neighbor.

I Visit Local Restaurants With Him.

Ted Likes to Come Along Because he Gets Free Pizza, All Kinds of Extra food. And Service from 3 or 4 Different Waiters and Waitresses And The Manager or Owner.

UNPREDICTABLE - Because We Are Testing out
Ideas Our "Billionaire Watching Club" finds all 27 Mentors Doing to TAKE our Money.

And While I Am Planning WHICH Billion Dollar Idea to Test (With a Waiter or Waitress) THAT Night. The phone Rings and It's TED.

Darndest Thing.

8 Times in NO ACCIDENT.


P.S. - WEIRD - But ...

Two Nights Ago.

I Was Testing The NEW - "LUV-BOMB-SCREAM" Strategy. (Done For Patrons who Pay 100Grand To Join a SECRET CLUB. Casino, Hotels, Restaurant, Health club, Night Club - on and on.)

I call it the "LUV-BOMB-SCREAM" Becuz Waitresses at the Club LITERALLY SCREAM.

Slapped it The "LUV-BOMB-SCREAM" SYSTEM down on The Fast Food Counter.

Got a Skinny Employee Involved.

THEN The Manager.

I wanted JUST the Chicken. No bun. No lettuce. Nothing. (ALMOST impossible - not in the Computer System.)

They each - Separately Brought me a Chicken Sandwich. So I Got One For Free.
Good Thing I eat Fast.

The 1st one was dry from sitting under the HEAT LAMP.

GONE Quickly.

By the Time The 2nd Was Cooked (From Scratch From Frozen Patty) and Brought out to me by the Manager. I had eaten The 1st one.

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