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July 2, 2022, 06:24 PM
Thanks Dien,

I write Long letters. Full of Criticism and Suggestions.

Then DELETE them.


Change a Page of Criticism to a couple Sentences of Compliments.


Nobody In The History of The World is Going to CHANGE on Our SAY - SO.

The 400 Million Book Sold author, James Patterson, does the same thing with Stephen King - Who Curses Like a sailor at Patterson.

Thinks his ***Outlines sent to 20 Different Writers - book Method*** Which has produced 246 #1 NYTimes Best Seller Books - is SATANIC. And wishes Patterson sent to Hades.

Patterson tells interviewers "Stephen King is a Wonderful fella.."

He Smiles. Then Says, "My Praise Drives him Nuts."

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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