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Dien Rice
October 27, 2022, 07:50 AM
Hi Millard,

Thanks for sharing a great story!

When he could show people pages and pages of happy customers... Well, people love to jump on a bandwagon...

And when they see there is a successful "bandwagon" there, they want to get on board too!

I think that's one dimension of what's going on... They want some of whatever it is those other people got!

I always found it interesting that... You could have two restaurants next to each other, which seem identical...

One restaurant could have a huge line out of the front, with people waiting and waiting to get in...

And the other restaurant next door - as empty as a politician's promises...

(I'm too impatient... so I never join any long queue if I can somehow avoid it!)

Some great psychology we can all learn from, thanks Millard! :)

Best wishes,


Years ago, I went to a speech from famed National Cash Register salesman, Ira Hayes. (I still have his book)

Ira talked about creating a book of thank you photos of customers who bought his product. When Ira made a sale, he took a photo of his customer. He got all the photos printed and he placed them in a scrapbook.

Once Ira got to a new prospect, he opened the book to show his prospect all the photos of past customers ! It wasn't hard to sell to those customers.

As a result of this speech, I went to a printer and had them make up special thank you cards with my picture and a great big THANK YOU on the front of a nice coated-stock card with plenty of space on the inside for me to write a message. I got a LOT of mileage from those cards!

Can you imagine the impact of using a thank you card with a personal message along with a lotto ticket inside ?

Something worth testing, I would think. :)

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