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November 7, 2022, 12:18 PM
One restaurant could have a huge line out of the front, with people waiting and waiting to get in...

Thanks Dien,

Dan Kennedy Taught me how to RENT cars from a Car Dealer
to make a Restaurant Client Look Popular - To People Driving By - from the Road.


When I First Started in Marketing I had no office. So I met Prospects in Fancy Restaurants.

How Did I "FAKE" Success?

I Arrived Early.

A - Pre-Paid for my meal and my Guests

B - Lotto Tipped all the Waiters and Waitresses

C - Lotto tipped the Cooks

D - Handed people at nearby Tables a Stake of 10 One Dollar Bills & Lotto Tickets. And Asked Them to TIP The Waitress EVERY TIME I Tipped Mine.


I Turned A Biz Appointment into a PARTY.
Unconsciously PEOPLE WANT to Work with You If Being Near You is FUN.

And Even Though This was my 1st time at this Swanky Restaurant. Since EVERYBODY knew my name - The Client ASSUMED I dined here Frequently.

I Got this idea
From a 400 Million
Dollar Mentor.

He Has a Standing Bet that In Any Restaurant Group
Seated at the same table - HE GETS THE BILL. Because he is wearing a BESPOKE 5K Suit. And Talks LOUDLY. And Acts Arrogantly.

WHENEVER I meet with people like him - I Arrive Early.
And Short-Circuit what they Expect to Happen. REALLY throws them or a Loop! And you get to TALK 1 on 1 with Any Speaker or GURU you want. (Because they are Curious How You Bolixed up their Gamesmanship.)

(Bespoke is a wacky Word. Had to look it up a while back Just to TALK to a Lady who Sells Bespoke Suits.)


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