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Dien Rice
November 8, 2022, 04:46 PM
Thanks Glenn,

Another INGENIOUS idea!

(Again - if you're not on Glenn's email list - I encourage you to join... His is one of the few where I do my best to read everything he sends... https://enchantednlp.com )

On this part...

"I Turned A Biz Appointment into a PARTY.
Unconsciously PEOPLE WANT to Work with You If Being Near You is FUN."

This reminds me of the days when I used to "date"... (I'm married now, so haven't "dated" for a while...)

As a young guy, you quickly learn that "desperation" doesn't work!

Neither does begging! :)

(No wonder these "incels" have so many problems... They "reek" of desperation!)

What does work is being "fun" to be around...

When a girl or woman finds you "fun"... She wants to see more of you...

(And it works from the girl's point of view, too!)

So... I think it's the same principle!

Though I hadn't thought of it that way...

Thanks Glenn... Another brain "explosion" you've gifted to us all...


Best wishes,


P.S. My wife says that out of all the weird people who were attracted to her... I was the "least weird"... I guess that's a compliment... Uhh... Sort of... ;)

One restaurant could have a huge line out of the front, with people waiting and waiting to get in...

Thanks Dien,

Dan Kennedy Taught me how to RENT cars from a Car Dealer
to make a Restaurant Client Look Popular - To People Driving By - from the Road.


When I First Started in Marketing I had no office. So I met Prospects in Fancy Restaurants.

How Did I "FAKE" Success?

I Arrived Early.

A - Pre-Paid for my meal and my Guests

B - Lotto Tipped all the Waiters and Waitresses

C - Lotto tipped the Cooks

D - Handed people at nearby Tables a Stake of 10 One Dollar Bills & Lotto Tickets. And Asked Them to TIP The Waitress EVERY TIME I Tipped Mine.


I Turned A Biz Appointment into a PARTY.
Unconsciously PEOPLE WANT to Work with You If Being Near You is FUN.

And Even Though This was my 1st time at this Swanky Restaurant. Since EVERYBODY knew my name - The Client ASSUMED I dined here Frequently.

I Got this idea
From a 400 Million
Dollar Mentor.

He Has a Standing Bet that In Any Restaurant Group
Seated at the same table - HE GETS THE BILL. Because he is wearing a BESPOKE 5K Suit. And Talks LOUDLY. And Acts Arrogantly.

WHENEVER I meet with people like him - I Arrive Early.
And Short-Circuit what they Expect to Happen. REALLY throws them or a Loop! And you get to TALK 1 on 1 with Any Speaker or GURU you want. (Because they are Curious How You Bolixed up their Gamesmanship.)

(Bespoke is a wacky Word. Had to look it up a while back Just to TALK to a Lady who Sells Bespoke Suits.)


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