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Dien Rice
October 30, 2022, 09:04 AM
Hi Gordon,

There's definitely gold in them thar archives!

Admittedly... Not always easy to look through... But it's there...

It was fun to go through some of these old conversations... Many of which I had forgotten we had! But...

A good read of them jogged the old memory... and there are some incredible money-making activities and ideas stored there!

A different kind of "stored value"... I'd say... :)

Best wishes,


This from an email. A long time SowPubber asked about something we discussed in early 2000's, and Dien and I had to dive into the archives to find that little gold nugget.

Well, we both found a lot of old posts and links, to some pretty good ideas.

I'm not working, still recovering from my Covid, apparently, I have long covid symptoms, on top of ear infections, both inner and outer...YIKES, only 6 weeks ago, I was the picture of good health, now a poster boy of staying away from people altogehter.

Anyhow, I will be spending more time looking through our 22 years of prior posts, and see what is there. That I can do.

Work WERK!! is not yet back on the table.


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