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October 30, 2022, 11:13 AM
Dien, 22 CONTINUOUS years, even with the hiatus by one or the other now and then, we've done a pretty good job here...admittedly some ups, downs, highs and lows. Now a new wave of sowpubbers and sadly some gone.

The email Dien and I responded to was about POD, a thing I had written about in the early 2000's and again every few years. In fact, I went out and bought a big printer, to do it...one that could print 11 x 17. I used it til it broke down.

What I paid nearly a grand for you can now pick up for a few hundred bux, and I think the ink is even cheaper now, if you shop around.

Anyhow, going through the archives, we both discovered . several threads which were a few years ahead of their time...and there is a problem being too early into a new thing...unless you claim a place in that market. It is also one of the fastest ways to build a rapid growing business.

Take etsy or even eBay, I didn't. But those folk smarter than me, got into both those early, and by being early users/adopters, not only profited from using those formats/tools, but also, and here is where I did NOT TAKE my own advice...selling reports on how to use them.

My original Chattel Report was written before eBay, before Craigslist...and some have wondered how in the heck did anyone sell anything way back then.

HA! Today is so much easier, better, faster than ever to start something and quickly make it grow.

So, as we discover some of that "stored value" in the archives, we will bring it back into circulation and update as needed.

Simple, albeit some time involved, to find HISTORY, and to update it and offer it to a new part of the PARADE OF LIFE.


Hi Gordon,

There's definitely gold in them thar archives!

Admittedly... Not always easy to look through... But it's there...

It was fun to go through some of these old conversations... Many of which I had forgotten we had! But...

A good read of them jogged the old memory... and there are some incredible money-making activities and ideas stored there!

A different kind of "stored value"... I'd say... :)

Best wishes,


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